Mulan Turned 20 Years Old and This Is Some Of The Fan-Art You Missed

Disney’s Classic Premiered In 1998

Disney’s classic premiered in 1998 and to celebrate it, artists showed their creations on social media.

By now, you should know the story of Mulan: the girl who went to war in order to save not only her father but China. For many, many years, it has been both an inspiration and a controversy around the world, for apparently, it doesn’t show Chinese culture as it really is. But, on the other hand, Mulan still is a feminist story, in which the hero turns out to be a woman, despite all the struggles and rules.

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Released 20 years ago

Mulan turned into an icon and a role model: the heroine willing to sacrifice her own life to avoid her father returning to the army, to save her country, and to restore her family’s honor. The kind of person everyone aspires to be, one that makes a difference.

And if you’re really, really young and haven’t watched this movie yet, now’s the time, stop reading and start watching!

For those of us who have watched it more times than we’d like to admit, here’s a little something: some of the best fanart on Twitter. As two whole decades have gone by, many artists decided to “bring honor to us all” and make some amazing drawings about it.

The first one was done by the Chinese American Youtube personality

And manga artist, Valory Pierce:

You can watch the drawing process here:

This next one was done by Spanish illustrator

Sara HP, better known as Shycheeks:

As simple as it can be

illustrator and animator Anthony Guerra made us fall in love with this design:

We can’t get enough of this art made by concept artist Lara Pickle:

Comic artist and writer Chris Schweizer

Made a whole poster of one of the movie’s best scenes:

A version of one of the official movie posters

Made by Spanish illustrator and comic artist, Lucía Benavente:

This one was done by Brazilian illustrator Isadora Zeferino:

And last, but not least, American storyboard artist, visual effects animator, and voice actor, Paul Briggs himself, who actually got to work on Mulan 20 years ago, shared his amazing art:

Follow these artists to know more about them and see more of their work.

And as the Emperor of China once said:

“I’ve heard a great deal about you, Fa Mulan. You stole your father’s armor, ran away from home, impersonated a soldier, deceived your commanding officer, dishonored the Chinese Army, destroyed my palace, and… you have saved us all.”

Yes, Mulan, you did save us all.

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