George Clooney Latest Netflix Series ‘Watergate’ Goes Deep Into 1972

After Netflix’s Success With ‘House of Cards’, ‘Watergate’ Will Certainly Not Disappoint

Politics and television series usually are an excellent match capturing viewers. Series that have marked a before and after as House of Cards, which is preparing its last season without Kevin Spacey. Although Netflix has set its sights on its next fiction project with presidential secrets and intrigues.

Big news

Deadline has reported that the actor and filmmaker George Clooney is working on an exclusive series. Focused on the Watergate scandal of 1972. Along with Matt Charman, the writer of the much-acclaimed film of Bridge of Spies. Clooney is going to be working with Smokehouse Pictures Grant and Heslov. The limited series will have eight chapters, single titled: Watergate.

Sonar Entertainment studios will be producing it. They signed a first-sight agreement with Smokehouse last year. It was rumored that every episode of Watergate would talk about an individual who surrounded the scandal of the 1970’s, including former Attorney General John Mitchell and Richard Nixon’s lawyer, John Ehrlichman. This series is designed after the famous drama “Rashomon”.
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Scandal in the 70’s

This scandal began in June 1972, when a group of men was arrested for breaking into the Watergate complex in Washington D.C, where the headquarters of the National Democratic Committee was located. Extensive investigations followed their arrests. It was revealed that senior White House officials had orchestrated a political cover-up. The discovery eventually led to President Richard Nixon resignation in 1974.
The series is Matt Charman’s the latest project. He has had an amazing career since his nomination for the Oscar for his screenplay on Steven Spielberg’s Cold War film. He recently reunited with Spielberg for a film about the life of the legendary news anchor Walter Cronkite and his association with the Vietnam War. It landed on DreamWorks.
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Returning to the small screen

This last mini-series marks George Clooney’s return to the small screen after leading the cast of ER between 1994 and 1999. He also previously participated in series such as Roseanne. His filmography as an actor includes the films: Syriana, Up in the Air, The Descendants or Ocean’s Eleven. He has also directed the filmographies as Monuments Men.

George has a successful career, nominated twice for the Emmy Awards, thanks to that several leading roles came to star as ‘Batman and Robin’. In 1999, he starred opposite Mark Wahlberg, Spike Jonze and Ice Cube in the movie ‘Three Kings’. In 2001, Clooney was at the peak and so far with his biggest commercial success ‘Ocean’s Eleven‘. The following year he made his appearance as the director with the biographical thriller ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.’
He won an Oscar for best-supporting actor and was nominated for best actor for his performances in Michael Clinton.

Clooney’s way

The role behind the stage that Clooney starred as an independent director immediately placed him among the most prominent in the liberal sector of Hollywood. With only two films: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, released in 2002 and Good Night and Good Luck, published in 2005. His work behind the scenes deserves positive criticism. Clooney has opened the debate for topics that dominate the current situation of the planet. The oil war, the famine, the instrumentalization of fear and other relevant issues at present. In ‘Good Night and Good Luck’, he investigated Senator McCarthy’s “witch hunt” through the journalist who was able to confront him, Ed Murrow.
His company Smokehouse Pictures is an American television and film production. This company was founded in 2006 by George Clooney and Grant Heslov, after the closing of Section Eight Productions. The name of this company comes from the Smoke House restaurant, which is located opposite the Warner Bros. studios in Burbank, California.
The company signed a long-term production and development agreement with Warner Bros. In June of 2009, it signed an exclusive two-year theater production agreement with Sony Pictures Entertainment.
After a career with so many success, we cannot deny that George Clooney is a film visionary. This new series got our expectations high as it can go.
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