Anna Kendrick Was Hilarious On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Her Kristen Stewart Impression Was On Fire

Jimmy Fallon interviewing Anna Kendrick was undoubtedly one of the funniest things we have seen. Her visit to the show had a very dramatic start. As the fans who were following her stories on Instagram can attest. She ended up walking to the set in the cold, due to a fire in her hotel!
Once she took the stage he told what happened, saying that she took his beanie and his backpack and realized that the situation was more serious. She describes that she was in her hotel room on the eleventh floor when she smelled smoke, which was a bit strange. Telling herself as she went down the stairs “I’m being responsible”
Everyone is fine,” she added. “But the roads were blocked and we could not pass. so I said, ‘I guess I’m walking towards Fallon!”

Kendrick’s All About Christmas

As the interview progresses, Fallon asks Anna Kendrick different questions about her Christmas spirit. He asked her about her favorite carol, to which Kendrick responded: “Oh, I’m a big fan of Good King Wenceslas”. Actually, the actress was trying the lyrics of a Christmas song with Fallon. They even claim to have more than “fifteen verses”.

Who has sung a song even if you have no idea how it really goes? Well, Anna Kendrick understands the feeling. Fallon notes that he loves Kendrick’s performance. He admires her work and has been following her for a while and had not realized how good a singer she was. 
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Joking about the interview

With the premiere of Pitch Perfect 3 just around the corner, Kendrick tells how it was the audition to be of the character:
“For the movie pitch perfect movie, they needed to make sure everybody could sing. So I sang Cups, actually. I had seen it like in a, you know, YouTube video, the little rhythm thing. So, I just learned it for fun ’cause I’m a dork “at the moment they ask her to sing a song she thinks: “I get to do my thing ” Saying that she thought she would never use it. To her surprise, the producers wanted to include his act in the film. She was surprised at that news joking “I mean if you want to waste your money, be my guest.”
“Cups it was like the top 10 in the Billboard Top 10 song, your song. It went, like three triple platinum. And like triple platinum. What are we talking about?.” Says Fallon who then congratulates Anna Kendrick for coming to that list followed by applause. “That’s what it’s all about.”
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Guest artists in the third installment

Renowned artists such as DJ Khaled will work on the third installment of the film. To which Fallon asks if the DJ is a fan of the saga:
“I don’t know. Because he showed up, and he sort of said ‘Oh, I do not do scripts and I like to improvise’ and we were like ‘ok’. And there’s a line where I’m talking about the other girls, and they were like ‘They do not want you to win! They want you broke ‘They want you dead’ and I was like that’s not what the movie’s about. Very supportive cast member “ says Kendrick
Fallon tells her that although she knows how to do many things, one secret is that she makes an amazing impression of Kristen Stewart.

“I do one impression, and it’s the weirdest impression, too. Like, I should have like Christopher Walken or something and I have Kristen Stewart. I don’t know why. I love her and I’ve done it to her and she was like ‘Oh man, I do that with my mouth.’ And it was like: You’re doing it know. I know!”

After the constant jokes between Kendrick and Fallon, the program ends with a brief summary of the new film that will be released this December 29th in the style of Kristen Stewart.
So hilarious, this interview was full of laughter and jokes, and who could not wait for the guest who is a born comedian and the incredible presenter who is not far behind when making jokes. No doubt excellent interview and as we laughed after that interview, we hope to laugh with the new film of The Bellas, which have never left us wrong at the time of making us sing and laugh out loud until we run out of breath
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