Morgan Spurlock Voluntarily Confesses To Sexual Harassment

His ‘Super Size Me’ Sequel Was Pulled Out Of Sundance As A Consequence

The American actor and director Morgan Spurlock, known for his documentary ‘Super Size Me (2004)’ confessed to being “part of the problem”. Spurlock, referring to sexual harassment, confessed to having starred in different situations similar to those that are coming out these days in The US.

One more indiscretion

“While I contemplate hero after hero, man after man, fall to realize their past indiscretions. I do not wait sitting to see who will be next. I wonder when they will come for me”. Morgan Spurlock wrote in a letter that takes the title “I am part of the problem”. He made known today through Twitter.
Morgan became known for his controversial documentary ‘Super Size Me’. In which he showed the harmful effects of eating junk food for a period of thirty days straight. This celebrity adds to the list of big names in Hollywood that has been involved in controversies these recent months. All regarding of sexual misconduct.
Spurlock affirms the controversy that has been starring his life “parallel events” that abound these days in the news. He recognizes that in the past, he was accused of raping a woman even though there were never any charges or an investigation.
Morgan Spurlock
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Morgan Spurlock confessing the acts

He explains in detail that the events took place one night when they were both drunk and naked. They began to have sexual relations despite the fact that she had previously told him she did not want to. There was a moment when she started crying and he stopped.

“I tried to comfort her, make her feel better. I thought I was doing the right thing, I thought it was making her feel better. She thought she was being raped,” laments Spurlock. He concludes that “that’s why I’m part of the problem.”

In this confession, the director lists other cases in which he acted inappropriately. Like eight years ago when he reached an out-of-court settlement with a woman he had verbally harassed. Which is ” just as bad. “

This celebrity is added voluntarily, to the extensive list that began to take shape with an article, published last October by the acclaimed magazine The New Yorker. Which spoke of the various complaints of women against the famous producer Harvey Weinstein.

The consequences

It emerges a domino effect among citizens across the country who began reporting their cases through Twitter with a campaign that is known by the hashtag #MeToo. It has left the public derision to relevant Hollywood figures as the actors Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Spacey or producer Andrew Kreisberg.
The upcoming documentary called Super Size Me 2. Holy Chicken! That he has been removed from the Sundance Film Festival after admitting his inappropriate behavior. 
Morgan Spurlock
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