Foo Fighters Has Been On Tour For One Year And Here’s What Happened

We Just Bring You The Highlights

A lot can happen in a year. At least 100 shows, and it sure has been a busy year for a busy band. Foo Fighters gave us Concrete and Gold last year, making us fall in love with songs like Run and The Sky Is A Neighborhood very fast, and their music videos (because they’re awesome! And because both videos were directed by their own Dave Grohl.)

As busy as Foo Fighters can get, nothing beat their shows

They always prove what they are made of and what they can do. Last September in London, they even managed to cover Rick Astley’s number one hit Never Gonna Give You Up in a sort of Smells Like Teen Spirit’s style, but not just that… Astley was actually on stage singing with them.

Can it get any better?! The answer is yes, yes it can

While on tour, bands hit many many cities. Los Angeles, of course, was one of them, and they were invited to be a part of one of James Corden’s famous Carpool Karaoke, in which they sang along to some of their songs, and walked right into a Guitar Center Shop to perform Never Gonna Give You Up with Corden.

You can watch the whole Carpool Karaoke episode here:

Now, Dave Grohl had the chance to sing Paradise City in a Guns N’ Roses show last year, but the tables turned. A few days ago, at Firenze Rocks in Italy (which line up included Foo Fighters, Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, and Ozzy Osbourne), Guns joined Foo Fighters on stage and played It’s So Easy. Who knows, maybe getting to play with other cool bands is “so easy” after all.

Some bands have rituals during their shows while performing some songs

An example of this can be the fact that in every single Paramore show, a fan is pulled out of the crowd and gets to sing Misery Business on stage with the band. Foo Fighters have tried this a few times with Monkey Wrench and have had a few surprises. One was in Brisbane with a fan called Joey McClennan, who was holding a sign asking if he could play that song. And his wish was granted:

The other one was in Austin with Yayo Sanchez, better known as Kiss Guy (he was wearing Gene Simmons’ KISS makeup), and his guitar skills were so good, he left Grohl speechless:

Another amazing that has happened

FF decided that they wanted to show off their support acts for their UK tour. Not only because they were cool and made great music, but because they’re actually what the world needs: more female bands. They pointed this out as a way to celebrate “strong female artists”, and added to their bill bands such as Wolf Alice, The Kills, and Starcrawler.

Taking about very cool girls, one thing you can’t miss is this very adorable and funny moment in which Grohl actually brought his daughters Violet and Harper (with only 12 and 9 years old, respectively) onstage during a benefit concert for the Benioff UCSF Children’s Hospital at the Fox Theater in Oakland, to sing an acoustic version of The Sky Is A Neighborhood with him. If he isn’t the coolest and most embarrassing dad around, then we can all agree that character doesn’t exist at all.

Also, you must listen to Violet’s When We Were Young rendition, which she performed moments before. It’s beautiful and Adele would be proud. Seems like Dave isn’t the only talented voice in that family.

And as if any of this wasn’t cool enough…

the Universe gave them the best way to close up a song. In this year’s Pinkpop Festival in Netherlands, while the Foos were reaching Monkey Wrench’s end, which consists of a drum solo by Taylor Hawkins, a meteor appeared in the sky exactly when he paused at the end of a fill, disappearing at the exact same moment the band finished the song, making it seem like it was planned all along.

To be honest, this was the only valid response to that magic moment:

Let’s see what other awesome surprises they have prepared for us before the tour ends!


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