Paul McCartney Gives James Corden a Magical Mystery Tour Through Liverpool

Drop Everything And Watch This

We all know the drill, James calls somebody on the phone with some problem and they hop in the car. Well, this time he’s asking someone to show him Liverpool and says the magic words: “I need somebody. Not just anybody. Can you please, please help me?”. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Those are the lyrics to The Beatles’ “Help!”, so, of course, who else could give James a proper tour other than Sir Paul McCartney?

Yes! The ex-Beatle takes us through his hometown, where he lived until he was 18 years old, where he wrote many amazing songs alongside John Lennon.

This is how it went

The first song to come on was “Drive My Car,” and as the chorus came up, Paul actually drives James’ car and we see them having a blast. When the song came to an end, Paul mentioned that he wrote I Lost My Little Girl when he was only 14 years old and sang the first verse of the song. And that’s when they arrived Penny Lane, which, of course, meant they would sing that song. They drove and walked around, Paul put his autograph on Penny Lane’s road sign, and they took a selfie.

And as the song goes:

“Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs
Of every head, he’s had the pleasure to have known
And all the people that come and go
Stop and say hello.”

They stopped by that same barber shop to say hello. Inside the barbershop, there are pictures of The Beatles getting haircuts. The lady that greeted James and Paul is not only stunned (who wouldn’t be? It’s Paul McCartney!) but so happy that the picture of her pretending to give Paul a haircut is probably going to be with the others.

Then, in the car again, while they talked about the impact of The Beatles’ and Paul’s songs have had through the years, and the positivity they bring, Paul told James the story of how “Let It Be” came to him and how his mother brought the positivity the song has.

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Their next stop was Paul McCartney childhood home

Showing James part of the house, telling stories about his father. About the time when he and John wrote She Loves You, and ended up playing When I’m Sixty Four in the house’s piano.

As they kept driving, they sang along to Paul’s newest single Come On To Me, from his upcoming album Egypt Station. It will be released on September 7. By the time they finished the song, they had gone to a local pub, where they had surprised the customers with a concert consisting in playing any song the clients and fans chose from the jukebox. Many incredible songs were sung, such as A Hard Day’s Night, Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, Love Me Do, and, of course, Hey Jude, closing up this Magical Mystery Tour through Liverpool.

This was the video we needed in these times of trouble. Thank you, James, and thank you, Sir Paul.

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