Panic! At The Disco Releases Album And Official Video

“I chime in with a BRENDON”

With eleven songs, a new sound, Panic! At The Disco comes back on track with another album. One of the many things that makes this band different isn’t the fact that it’s just Brendon Urie (and that he’s a master of the instruments), but how easily it can change its sound in every album.

This very chameleon-like band brings us Pray For The Wicked. A very upbeat kind of record, the band’s sixth studio album makes you want to dance for half an hour without stopping.

Urie addressed on Twitter that this album was a surprise for himself

And it’s safe to say it was a surprise for everyone else as well. Brendon Urie has proofed for the hundredth time that he has the best vocals and that he can adapt to anything. We saw a Sinatra-esque side of him in Panic! At The Disco’s previous album Death Of A Bachelor, and now all of these powerful, danceable songs, with a lovely ballad to close the album up.

Listen to Pray For The Wicked over here:

This started months ago with some cryptic messages, and we all love when bands get all mysterious about new music or shows. Well, P!ATD wasn’t left behind on this. On March 8, they released a two minute video on their Instagram Stories in which we can see Brendon brushing his teeth and an alarm clock that doesn’t change from “3:19”, and on the background we can listen to an orchestral version of King of the Clouds (which is actually really awesome).

Now, everyone thought this meant new music was going to be released on March 19, but that day Panic! Announced a surprise show in Columbus, Ohio. And a few days later, what fans got wasn’t new music… But bottles of “holy water” reading “Pray for the W!cked // 3:21 // Unholy Water”.

Once more, leading fans to believe new music was going to be dropped on March 21. And this time, they were right. Pray for the Wicked was announced that day, plus (F*ck A) Silver Lining as a promotional single, PLUS Say Amen (Saturday Night)‘s audio and official music video.


This video is pretty impressive, weird, full of action, and gory scenes. Aaand it’s the first part of the “devil key” trilogy (which we hope, in the future, they tell us a little bit more about that story):



And also, then, they decided to send another little gift to the fans: potatoes. Yes, potatoes.

But it made a little bit of sense if you think about it.

Just for the sake of this scene on Say Amen (Saturday Night):

A series of shows have been done, and a handful of singles have been released, but finally, on June 22, the album was out. And with it, a new music video for Hey Look Ma, I Made It, in which Brendon turns into a really messed up puppet

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