5 Most Entertaining And Mouthwatering Baking Accounts On Instagram

Sweets, Cakes, And Everything You Can Bake

For those who don’t know this: baking is always the answer. The best way to keep people happy is definitely with sweets. And no matter how bad you can be in the kitchen, these bakers make it look so easy you want to go ahead, grab a whisk, put some oven mitts on and start baking things on your own! Or, you know, just contemplate your phone for hours wanting to taste every sweet thing these bakers make.

5. I Am Baker

Amanda Rettke is not your typical housewife and mother. She started her blog I Am Baker in 2010 with a simple idea and belief:

“…I am a baker, you are a baker, and together, we are bakers. Together, we can bake something beautiful.”

If you thought Tasty’s recipes were easy, then you haven’t checked Amanda’s work. From a simple chocolate zucchini cake to gorgeous pecan pies, she’s baked all kinds of things! For her, this is an experience; the experience of her sharing her recipes with people, of people sharing their recipes and stories with her, and of creating a community where everyone can feel comfortable while learning how to bake, decorate, and discover.

4. Cloudy Kitchen

Erin Clarkson is a “Kiwi living in Brooklyn”. And no, she’s not referring to herself as a fruit. She moved from New Zealand a few years ago and started Cloudy Kitchen. To her, this is a way of combining her roots and where she is now, mixing different flavors, and always trying to use fresh ingredients, why she tends to buy in farmers markets.

Just one look at her Instagram account and you know nothing can go wrong.

3. Leslie Vigil

Sometimes, baking is more than how it tastes, but how it looks, and Leslie Vigil is the living proof. Not only her cakes and cupcakes always look delicious, they are beyond beautiful!


Una publicación compartida de Leslie Vigil (@_leslie_vigil_) el

She has become the master of embroidery

floral, and geode cakes! But that’s not all. Of course, buttercream flowers are always amazing, but what makes Leslie’s cakes completely different, are her perfect buttercream succulent and cacti! And they look so real, she has proved it is actually possible to have an edible garden on your cake.

If you couldn’t tell by now, I have this slight obsession…🌵🌵🌵

Una publicación compartida de Leslie Vigil (@_leslie_vigil_) el

2. Chelsweets

As an actual content creator for the Food Network, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, and more, Chelsey White shows us she has one of the most creative minds a baker can have. Not limiting herself to just having a blog, Chelsey gives full-length tutorials on her YouTube channel and it’s really cool.

Now, on her Instagram account, she always posts at least three times, in which she shows the process of whatever she’s baking and the final result. One of her most fascinating cakes and processes is the one for her test wedding cake, where she showed how she created each tier, which flavors she combined, and how to make edible lace.

1-Topless Baker

It’s pretty hard to choose who’s better at baking, but, for sure, the most-appealing-Instagram-account award goes to Matt Adlard, AKA Topless Baker. You see, he’s more than a self-taught baker: Matt is actually a publicist! And he definitely put his knowledge to use when he came up with how to share his passion for baking with the world.

The feeling of sheer relief I have when after what feels like 10 billion years…I can finally say my website is LIVE! Oh boy what an ordeal that was 😂 it is not exactly where I want it to be, but if I didn’t set it live, I would’ve never done it! So if you head to you can check it out! I have lots of recipes still to come, they’re not all quite there yet, but have a look, if there are one’s that you really want to see then let me know in the comments! I’m sure there are also some glaring mistakes and spelling errors so if you spot any please let me know 🙂 I would love any and all feedback you have so that I can tweak it and make it as good as possible for ya! The website not only has recipes buts also a little about me section so you can hear a bit about my story! But from now on, I promiseeee to keep it updated, so that every time I post, you can get the recipe for what I’m making immediately! Thanks for catching my moment of relief @iraisavampire 📸

Una publicación compartida de Topless Baker (@toplessbaker) el

Known for, well, baking while topless, Adlard’s videos are the best. He’s always looking for ways to making his desserts extra, and making art out of this.

He started on YouTube a couple of years ago with things like fondant, cookies, and crepes. Now you can watch him bake macarons, amazing cakes, eclaires, and spectacular tarts. His Intagram account is flawless and he deserves every like, follower, and view he has.


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