Stranger Things Kids Pay Tribute To Steve Harrington And Here’s Why

We Love You Too, Daddy Steve

One of our favorite things about series and movies is character development. Some characters take a lot of time to show their true selves and intentions, other takes about five seconds. On Netflix’s Stranger Things we spotted the best development of them all.

As we all know, Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) changed a lot in between these two seasons, but what the creators probably never knew would happen, is the amazing reception and feedback the change actually got. He went from jerky bad boy to full-time dad.


Now, for Father’s Day, the kids of the Stranger Things cast left a special message for him:

Why Does He Deserve So Much Love?

On season one, a bunch of weird but loveable characters is introduced, and then… There’s Steve. This isn’t actually a boy people like. But, maybe, just maybe, it was because we met him from Nancy Wheeler’s point of view, a girl who just lost her best friend and was feeling all kinds of confused and guilty. But then, when the season is coming to an end, Steve shows as a hero of some kind. He and Nancy end up together and everything’s okay.


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The second season mixed and changed everything

We know that the main plot is what’s happening inside Will Byers, but it’s very interesting how all the relationships shift. For example, the tragic love triangle between Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and Max Mayfield, or how Jim Hopper and Eleven develop some kind of father-daughter relationship. But the one thing that shook us was Nancy’s thing with Jonathan Byers, how this affected and ended her relationship with Steve, and how he became an entirely different person.


At first, Steve feels weird, sad, and heartbroken, but he develops this other very sensitive and protective side. Little by little, he starts to look out and care for the rest of the kids as they try to find the Demogorgon (he even ends up being friends with Dustin), and finally, he turns into this teenage father figure everybody loved. We’d like to see more of this character and how he continues to change next season.






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