You Need To See Millie Bobby Brown Slaying Her First American Cover. [BONUS VIDEO]

Eleven Is Here To Stay You Guys

Millie Bobby Brown just got her first American cover and she is rocking her style. If you’re into series, then you must have heard about Stranger Things and I’m sure you know who Eleven is, she might even be your inspiration for your Halloween costume.

Eleven’s Her real name is Millie Bobby Brown and with only twelve years old, she has managed  to become one of the top child actresses in the latest years.

Millie Bobby Brown slaying it


Millie’s cover is for Interview Magazine, can you believe this is her first cover ever?


She only talks about how much she loves her character Eleven.


She has stated how challenging the role has been, since she has to speak through her face.


Fun fact: she’s BFF with Maddie Ziegler


They met on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ when Brown bought tickets


Millie’s favorite thing about the show is the timing, she loves the 80’s


Brown got to meet James Cardon


She also met Jon Travolta


Millie has been on Jimmy Fallon’s show where she proved she had some other talents (Scroll Down).


A little more about Millie’s life

  • Millie was born in Spain and her parents are British when she was four years old they moved to England, Orlando, Atlanta, and then L.A, so we know she’s a traveler.
  • She was discovered in Orlando during an acting workshop, the scout that saw her for the fist time said “she has instincts you cannot teach.” a really good thing to say because that’s what everyone’s looking for.
  • Brown’s first TV appearance was on the show Once Upon a Time playing the role of young Alice, later she was offered the role of Madison O’Donell on the show Intruders. She also made appearances in Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy. But she definitely hit the spotlight with her current role on the Duffer brother’s show.
  • Lately, everyone wants to be Eleven and have her powers, she has made the Netflix show so successful although she gives the credit to the brothers  “Duffers deserve all the recognition that we got because they made it such an incredible show.”

BONUS: She’s not only a good actress, she might even be Nicki Minaj’s competition



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