What We Learn From Donald Glover /Childish Gambino’s ‘SNL’ Episode

The Triple Threat Is Here

SNL was on fire after having as musical presenter Donald Glover, the best of Childish Gambino in one night

Despite several attempts, he is finally here. In one of the most watched shows in America, Saturday Night Live, star Donald Glover gave an unexpected but beloved turn as a presenter and musical guest.

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Best host EVER!

Everything was perfect, from his monologue at the beginning of the program to his performance as one of Migos. Amazing performances like Childish Gambino, without a doubt an episode that you have to see!

He participated and acted in almost all the sketches. Presenting two new songs by Childish Gambino during his musical performances. “I’m an actor, a write, and a singer — some people like to call me a triple threat. I kinda like to call myself just a threat,” Glover said in an opening monologue that satirized his seeming ability to “do anything.” The one thing he’d failed at was getting cast on the sketch comedy series, despite auditioning for SNL twice. He informed the audience before spending the rest of the monologue disastrously trying to one-up other cast members.

Part of the show was to see Glover with Migos in pre-recorded sketches, giving life to “Friendos”, among the fake tattoos on the face of Glover rocks! Although Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd complete a perfect trio that is not a little assimilation of the real rappers * wink *

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Rocking with the sketches

But what was most successful (apart of the host) was the sketch “A Kanye Place”. As the title suggests, it was a funny parody of the hit horror movie “A Quiet Place”

The film is about a family that lives in a post-apocalyptic world invaded by monsters that attack when they hear any noise. The key to not dying in this is to be completely silent.

The parody goes by the same approach: the story is about 5 friends played by Donald Glover, Cecily Strong, Kenan Thompson, Beck Bennett and Aidy Bryant, quietly scurrying along a cornfield.

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“I’m so scared,” says Strong, only to be quickly silenced by Bennett, who reminds him: “Don’t let the monsters listen to us.”

After them, Glover plays with his iPhone. Suddenly, his eyes open.

“Boys,” he whispers loudly. “Kanye just tweeted.”

“David, shh!” Bryant responds.

That does not stop him, though.

“He said he would have voted for Trump,” Glover whispered.

Strong’s interest is awakened, but Thompson tells them that even if monsters cannot see, they can hear everything. And if they want to stay alive, it will be better to “keep their mouths shut”, “do not speak unless absolutely necessary”

And to close the night …

Among those who accompanied the singer, we could see the actor Daniel Kaluuya presenting another sketch “This Is America”. The message of American domination and the exploitation of black lives were even more highlighted by the closing work of the program. We can appreciate the characters playing assigned to work as representatives of a customer service call center for 30 cents an hour.

What we could appreciate of this chapter of SNL? That without a doubt Glover has material to be a complete host before the tv, we hope to see it again because this presentation left with the desire of more!


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