Ariana Grande and Mac Miller Break Up After Three Years Together

This Comes As A Shock To All

26-year-old Mac Miller and Ariana Grande confirmed their relationship in September 2016. Three years after Miller collaborated on his single “The Way.” This beautiful relationship says goodbye.

They decided to go their separate ways since they both have very complicated schedules. The couple decided to end on good terms, according to TMZ. Everyone was surprised by this news, since Miller published a Tweet in April, after Ariana released her new single “No Tears left to Cry”.

Just friends

This cute ex-couple were photographed for the last time in March after the Oscars at Madonna’s private party. They stayed together all night, holding hands.

Miller has been a great support for Ariana Grande, as he was helping her while recovering emotionally from the suicide bombing that occurred on her show on May 22 last year in Manchester, England. This terrorist attack claimed the lives of 22 fans and injured another 119.

After that, on June 4 the singer organized a concert in commemoration of this, “One Love Manchester” where she shared the stage with Miller. The two performed “The Way” and closing with a flourish, a kiss in full view of the audience, how cute!

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Confessions in Cosmo

While Cosmopolitan was interviewing Ariana, she confessed that she loved her boyfriend since they met, when she was 19 years old. “I have never considered love as something that I need to complete,” she said at that moment.

“I would like to be complete first and fall in love with someone who is also complete. You can still celebrate and be totally obsessed with the other, but I want to feel one hundred percent to be able to love that person.”

She continued: “I met Mac when he was 19. We have loved, adored and respected since the beginning. From before we met, just because we were fans of the talent of others.”

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Ariana Grande and Mac Miller split up after two years of being together

“We were not ready at all, however, to be together. It’s just the moment, we both need to experience some things, but love has been there all the time.”

Ariana confessed that the “universe” had told them when it was time to take their friendship to the next level, adding: “There were times in the years when he called me and I heard that I was stressed or overwhelmed or that I was not doing well, and he would call my mom.”

“There were times when I was really devastated and sad, this was years ago, and I came to take care of him because we love each other as best friends in the first place.”

And the rapper is not left behind with the confessions, since years before they came together and told his mother that Ariana was “The One”.

Ariana will surprise us with her new album “Sweetener” that will be available on July 20th, both the song and the album mark the music of the singer after the so catastrophic attack in Manchester. We hope the best for them and that they continue with their friendship relationship!

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