COCO Just Released A Movie Clip Called “Dante’s Lunch” And You’ll Love It

We Brought Some Facts About The Movie Too

Animated movies are an incredible thing. As they dazzle us with amazing art, characters, and stories. Presenting to us life’s most key aspects in the simplest way. Along with a beautiful perspective of it.

One of the masters, if not the main one, of doing epic animated movies is Disney. Even more, now that they’ve bought Pixar, their main competitor. As the latest Disney’s Pixar movie is Coco. An adorable story that focuses on music and the Day of the Dead. Who just released a short clip that works also as the second trailer for the movie.

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Dante’s Lunch

On the first trailer, we got a sneak peek of many things about the movie. We see the bright colors and a vague notion of the story, and also we got the chance to meet some of the characters.

Being one of them Dante, the main character’s dog. Who seems dorky and adorable, as dogs are. But also his character design is incredible. Besides his name is Dante, something that goes with the theme of the movie and is badass.

Funny bone

On the clip we see the goofy Dante chasing a bone that ends up being magical. Causing all sorts of messes and destruction in the process. As he ends up in the trailer dressed up as a “luchador.”

In the video, the bone ends up belonging to one of the spirits of the dead that is celebrated on Dead of the Death. To what Dante reacts even more excited as he can now have more bones to eat. The cute short film ends inviting us to watch the movie.

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Coming on November

The movie that explores the Day of the Dead will be released in the U.S. on November 22. Along with Cars 3. The movie will not only explore the Mexican cultural festivity, but it will also have its bright colors and an all-Latin American cast.

Pixar has been working on the movie since 2012 and it will be co-directed by Monsters University’s Adrian Molina and Toy Story 3’s Lee Unkrich, who developed the concept. Also, it will count with, Darla K. Anderson on the production who did it in Toy Story 3.

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