The Best April Fools’ Day Pranks Throughout History From 1698

This Celebration Is As Old As Time

It’s April which takes us directly to April Fool’s Day. No one really knows how this legendary and hilarious tradition began but we know we love to celebrate it. Really, nothing better than pranking someone.

This classic pranking celebration is as old as time and we bring you the top pranks throughout time. It’s amazing how this never gets old. Enjoy!


5. The Washing of the lions, London, 1698

As the ultimate prank day approached, Londoners were invited to the ceremonial “washing of the lions” that was about to take place outside the Tower of London. They attended the expected ceremony to find out that it was only an April Fools’ Day joke.

The prank became a tradition. It even evolved when conspirators began selling tickets for the event and instructing guests to enter through a nonexisting white gate.

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4. The death of John Partridge, 1708

In February of that year, Gulliver’s Travels author, Jonathan Swift, published a calendar of fake astrological predictions under the pseudonym of Isaac Bickerstaff.

Among the fake news, he predicted the death of the astrologer John Partridge, taking place on March 29. Once Partridge learned this he publicly branded Bickerstaff’s news a fraud, but since news travelled slowly at the time Swift got the opportunity to confirm once more the news.

That’s how Patridge found himself on April 1st explaining to people, and even acquaintances that he was not dead, and people didn’t believe him. And so he did the rest of his life without finding out who Isaac Bickerstaff was.

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3. Wave vs. Frog, 1906

In 1906, Wichita Daily Eagle published a joke when they predicted a once in a lifetime event. According to the journal, two freak occurrences were set to collide, a 12-foot height wave meeting hundred of hatched frog eggs.

Word has it the wave and the frog eggs would meet at 10 am at Wichita, and people bought it. Hundreds of people appeared to see the clash of these two natural forces.

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2. The left-handed Whopper, 1998

In a well thought and quite mischievous move, USA Today ran a full-page ad in 1998 announcing the left-handed Whopper. The underrepresented part of society was eager to get to know this brand new exciting product.

This special whopper had toppings and condiments that would be rotated 180 degrees on the bun, redistributing the weight of the sandwich and providing it with more comfortability hen held in hand.

As food restaurants across the country received orders by customers they learned the ultimate left-handed product was nothing but an April Fool’s prank.

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1. The Swiss spaghetti harvest, 1957.

The ultimate April Fool’s prank was made by the BBC. In 1957, Panorama was pretty much the ultimate tv show and its host Richard Dimbleby was considered an authority. Everything he said was believed by spectators.

Panorama broadcasted a segment at the end of the show introducing viewers the Swiss spaghetti harvest. The segment showed Swiss women collecting spaghetti crop as well as families taking care of the crop.

After showing the incredible spaghetti harvest, Dimbleby introduced the viewers to the awesome possibility of homegrown spaghetti which some innocents carried out.

Laughs and disappointment followed one they discover the truth about it.

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It’s your time to do some April’s Fools Pranks!


Source: WRAL


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