Let’s Remember Chris Cornell With His Top 10 Best Music Moments Ever

He Will Always Be A Legend

Music lost a legend on Wednesday when Chris Cornell died at age 52. After being in the music business for over three decades and being part of several bands, Chris left an incredible music work behind to praise and admire.

His musical exploration included writing soundtracks, in which the grunge pioneer stood out with a thoughtful and methodical approach to the songwriting.

We bring you a list of the candid work he made to honor the experiences of the characters of the movies with the top 10 soundtracks he wrote.

10. Live To Rise

After a two years hiatus, Soundgarden returned in 2012 and wrote this track. The song is ignited with a metallic fury and a remarkable guitar work that characterized the band in the 90s.

The track was chosen for the action blockbuster The Avengers.


9. The Keeper

In 2011, during the Soundgarden hiatus,  Cornell’s powerful vocals and acoustic guitar served as a soundtrack for the movie Machine Gun Preacher. The song was nominated for the Golden Globes. 

The acoustic song portrayed the story of Sam Childers, who fought to protect the children o East Sudan from the perils of war.

8. Mission 2000

In 2000, Cornell’s 1999 Mission got a remix to serve as the soundtrack fo the popular series Mission Impossible. The song, originally from Euphoria Morning, got a electroshocked sound to highlight the powerful guitars.


7. Blind Dogs

In 1995, Soundgarden’s Blind Dogs, from the Superknown b-sides, landed on The Basketball Diaries soundtrack. Soundgarden’s electric guitars and jamming abilities surfaces in the 2014 compilation Echo of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across the Path.

Chris powerful vocals and the bands mastering guitars and incredible sound helped evocate the emotions in the raw movie that portrayed troubled teens.


6. Till the Sun Comes Back Around

In 2016, a single from his solo work served as the soundtrack for Michael Bay’s film 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.

The powerful acoustic song with an electronic touch gets an intriguing emotional twist and resonance beyond the movie.


5. You Know My Name

Chris’s soundtrack work reach got even to James Bond. In 2006, the singer’s solo work served to contribute the renown spy and to update the movie’s classic approach.

Cornell delivered a display of slashing guitars and orchestral arrangement that became epic for the English agent’s sounds.


4. The Promise.

Again in a solo work, Cornell delivered the single for 2017 film The Promise. This would be his latest work and all profits are being donated to the humanitarian non-profit International Rescue Committee.

The sentimental song is accompanied by a majestic instrumentation making the song -inspired on the Armenian genocide- even more sentimental.


3. Misery Chain.

Cornell made a collaboration along with Joy Williams for 12 Years a Slave in 2013. In an incredibly touching and soulful performance, Cornell and Williams deliver a beautiful piece that portrays Cornell’s voice dimensions.



2. Sunshower.

In 1998, Chris’ solo worked accompanied the film Great Expectations. A bonus track from the Japanese version of  Soundgarden’s Euphoria Morning also appeared in the film.


1. Seasons/ Birth Ritual.

In the film Seasons, Chris serves as part of the soundtrack both in a solo appearance with Seasons and with Soundgarden’s Birth Ritual, providing a beautiful portrayal of his musical duality.

With his solo song, Chris displays his powerful vocals in a beautiful song that’s definitely one of the best soundtrack’s moments. Chris even makes a cameo in the movie.


Source: Diffuser.



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