Donald Glover’s “Atlanta” Season 2 Confirmed For This 2018

After Two Years, The Wait Is Finally Over

Donald Glover’s famous Golden Globe television series “Atlanta” will be back in less than two months. In the news they just announced, season 2 will premiere on March 1st. The first season ended in November 2016. We have waited a lot for this, so we deserve this second installment.

Glover of 33 years old, is not only an Emmy award-winning actor and director but also a celebrated singer and MC. He’s presented with the nickname Childish Gambino.

Atlanta, a huge TV success

In 2017 this director won “Best Actor in a TV, Comedy or Musical Series” at the Golden Globe Awards and this year nominated in five different Grammy categories. Including “Album Of The Year” for “Awaken, My Love!”

Thanks to his work in the FX series “Atlanta”, Glover received other nominations as “Best Leading Actor in a Comedy Series” and “Best Direction for a Comedy Series”. This is the first color director to receive this honor!

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Tiny Toons for this season

In a recent talk with Variety magazine, the main script editor, Stephen Glover, Donald’s younger brother, said the second season is inspired by a 1992 video by Steven Tiny Toons. “In the writer’s room, we spent a lot of time talking about how I spent my summer vacation. That was a kind of inspiration. If you looked at them all together, they would be a movie. We took that idea of a complete story. They told us in a lot of small parts that it could be a show.” Donald continues “You enjoy if you are together. You can also enjoy them in bits.”
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Robbin ‘season

As Stephen explained, “Robbin ‘season” describes this short holiday period, just Christmas Eve. When our marriages are filled with gifts and mailboxes filled with Amazon Primer packages. It is also known as the time of year with the most robberies in Atlanta.

“You might get your package stolen off your front porch,” he said to a note by Vulture. “While we were there, my neighbor got her car stolen from her driveway. It’s a very tense and desperate time. Our characters are in a desperate transition from their old lives to where they are headed now. And robbin ‘season is a metaphor for where we are now. “
In this second season also a more cohesive story. According to Hiro Murai, also on the staff, the writers have finally settled into a routine. Then things will not be as experimental as it was in the first season. Although that doesn’t mean that they have not found inspiration in unusual places. Apparently the writers of “Atlanta” are fans of the cartoon of the 90s.

The motivation behind the series

In another interview with Complex News last July, Donald Glover explained how a great part of the motivation to create the series is. Reflecting how his hometown is changing and his hopes for his future.“I like the idea of Atlanta being a philosophical center,” he says. “It would be great for me if, you know, it was a place where people, specifically young minorities, came to build because I think it has changed and it’s a place where It could be shaping and remain a great city for the future. “

The live speaker spoke a little about his best friend. He grew up in California. “Black LA was and how that has changed, like where it grew, in South Central, it’s not the same.” The fact that “Atlanta”, particularly on the East Side is “still very, very black”, says it is an advantage in terms of creating original art. Since this will mean that the creators will have more control. “I think there’s a lot of potentials there to own our culture,” he says.

 On the way to the Grammys

Very soon we will see this great artist on stage. He will take the spotlight at the Grammy award ceremony. Get ready for January 28th, along with his nominated partners Kendrick Lamar and JAY-Z.
Undoubtedly this month, the star and creator of the show Donald Glover is on the top. In addition to ravaging the networks with the release date of Atlanta, he also welcomed his new baby. We hope that the character of this series Donald’s Earnest has a lot of hope and at least half of luck in this new season as his real version!
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