Spider-Man: ‘Homecoming’ Trailer Is Finally Here And We Are Stoked

And It Features So Much Tony Stark

For years, Marvel and Sony were in negotiations to include Spider/”‘-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). After many meetings, both companies reached to an agreement and in 2016 we got the news that a new film directed by Jon Watts and starring Tom Holland would be made.

Spider-Man: Homecoming has a bit of classic history but there will certainly be new factors. This time they’ll skip how he got his powers or what happened to his Uncle Ben or his parents. The movie will be center on what the young spider-mas is capable of doing as part of the Avengers. Adding that he would count with a brand new toy in his arsenal, which is a little drone bug that is part of the new suit Tony Stark, his mentor has designed for him.

Spider Man Homecoming. Credits: Via Youtube.

Spider-Man Homecoming teaser reveals a little drone bug

Peter appears to be playing with a brand new toy in his arsenal, since his mentor, Tony Stark designed a new suit for him.

The new suit fits the new generation with a surprising widget

During the 6-second teaser of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” released by Sony on Monday, the young Peter appears to be renovated with a brand new suit that fits perfectly with the modern world. While climbing a wall, a small bug-shaped robot flies off of the suit designed by his “godfather.”

Homework can wait, NY not.

This time Spider-Man is going back to class but there won’t be a Mary Jane, instead, there would be a new love, Liz.  “Homecoming” will also be focused on the complexity of balancing algebra assignments in between saving the world.

Homework can't wait 😝#spidermanhomecoming

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How to become an Avenger.

Iron man will be there too, his character will be the responsible for the new tool of Peter’s costume. And he’ll appear as the mentor of the young Spider-man, who even within his sarcastic personality, will develop a deep relationship with his protégé and together they will fight the new villain.

Spider Man Homecoming. Credits: Via Youtube.

Source: Variety


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