Radiohead’s Coachella Set Interrupted by Technical Difficulties More Than Once

Some Loyal Fans Stayed And The Band Played Creep For Them

Coachella is one of the most incredible music festivals you can ever attend. Also, Radiohead is one of the coolest bands around. So when they’re headlining the festival it’s a winner combination. To the point, they’ve headlined the Coachella three times. Obviously, pulling an awesome show time after time.

But this year wasn’t Radiohead’s year. As they lived a catastrophic night since they couldn’t even finish their setlist due to technical problems with their gear. But this didn’t happen to them once, but three times. Forcing the guys to leave the stage, being really a night to forget for the guys of the band.

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First hint

As the band was playing their third song, Full Stop, the sound went out for about five seconds. A minor setback that the band grooved on managing it like the pros they’re. Then during their fifth song “15 step”  the sound went out entirely in the middle of the song. To what the band left the stage for about four minutes, and returned to a working sound system. But two songs later it happened again. This time the crowd was less forgiving as several gave up and moved away from the main stage to one of the other acts on smaller stages around the grounds.

But two songs later while they were playing “Let Down,” the sound collapsed entirely. Something that many members of the audience couldn’t stand and moved away. The guys from Radiohead had to left the stage for about five minutes. While their technicians tried to fix the speakers that first buzzed and then went out entirely. As the band lived an awkward moment, as they kept playing without them actually making a sound.

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A creep, let down

Then after the problem was fixed the band came out as frontman Thom Yorke ask the now smaller crowd “Can you actually hear me now? I’d like to tell a joke and lighten the mood, but we’re Radiohead so (expletive) it.” Radiohead proceeded to play their eighth song of the night “Street Spirit,” and didn’t experience more trouble through the rest of the night, but the damage had been done.

But the band thanked the loyal fans that stayed. As they played their biggest hit, “Creep.” It’s a song they rarely do on tour anymore. After “Creep” the band came out of the stage, only to be pulled out by the crowd this time, as they were asked for an encore. They played “No Surprises” and “Paranoid Android” and many others. They extended so much that they played until 12:52 a.m

radiohead coachella
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