‘Pokemon Go’ Will Have A New Expansion Pack And It’s Adding 80 New Pokémons

There are some things that are simply legendary. No matter at what point of your life you are or from what generation you form part of. You simply know that thing rocks. Even though you haven’t enjoyed it properly there are some things that are just classics.

In the world of TV and cartoons, one of those things is Pokemon. As the Japanese cartoon really marked a before and after in the world. Mainly by the fact, many moms called all the Pokemon Pikachu but actually called Pikachu the yellow mouse/rat. But really Pokemon was something especial, especially if you grew up in the 90’s or the early 2000’s.

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Pokemon Go Gen 2.

One of the most amazing thing about Pokemon was the cartoon itself. But besides that, and very cleverly from the creator company, was the merch and games related. As everyone who had a Nintendo or a Gameboy or has a newer version of them would know how epic the Pokemon Games were.

Also, the toys and all the related accessories were awesome. But once again one the most epic and best things Pokémon has developed is their games. Adapting to modern times with Pokémon Go, creating a gigantic buzz and now they’re expanding it.

The next generation is here.

We saw the first hints last December. When the baby Pokémon was released, and since then everybody has been excited with when the rest was going to be released. But now, finally, the new generation of Pokémons is going to be added to the game.

As the thick body of the second-generation ever from Pokémon is going to be released. Since 80 of the Pokémons from the Johto region will start appearing in the wild “later this week” according to Niantic. As the trailer shows us some of the new Pokémons like Chikorita, Donphan, Hoppip, Marill, Skarmory, and Totodile.

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New berries.

As we will have them by Friday or Saturday or at least after this weeks. There are also some new incredible features that will help you through the game. Since two new berrys will be added, boosting your chances of capturing new Pokémons.

The new berries are the Pinap Berry and the Nanab Berry. The Nanab Berry slows down Pokémon’s movements, making them easier to catch. The Pinap Berry means the candy you receive for a Pokémon will be doubled your next catch attempt is successful. Still, we don’t know how they will be acquired or what level you should have to unlock them.

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Evolution stones and other new features.

One of the new and most exciting features are the evolution items. That were first hinted on the January update. Again, we still don’t know much on how they will work. But of the things we know for sure is that there will be used to evolve certain Gen 1 Pokémon into their new Gen 2 evolutions. but we don’t know exactly how the stones will be acquired in the game.

As well the game will introduce an Avatar customization, for you to dress them including new hats, shirts, pants and other things to personalize them. These new items will be available from the in-game shop. We are very excited to see what else will Pokémon Go add to the game, as we can hardly wait to catch the new Pokémons.

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