Hugh Jackman Was Diagnosed With Cancer For The 6th Time & We Hope He Recovers ASAP

Just Like Wolverine

Superheroes are some of the most badass figures you will ever see. Not because they have super strength, speed or any other superpower. But because they really go above the general human and really have a heart of gold and help others. Not only by fighting crime.

Also, due to the sad fact that there are no real Superman, Iron man or Batman. This reminds us that there are everyday superheroes. That deal with some of the most hardcore situations with really a strength out of this world, and do it daily.

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Our real/fake superhero.

Wolverine is between all the superheroes one of the most badass ones, if not the one. Not only for his incredible powers and fighting skills. But because of his attitude, recovery powers and heart of gold, despite he doesn’t really like to admit it. Wolverine

In our world, Wolverine has only one face and one face and name only: Hugh Jackman. As this incredible actor has incarnated the moody X-Men in every movie and really has become one of this most iconic characters. Also, becoming part of pop culture. But sadly there are some sad news for Wolverine fans.

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Recovering power.

Not only because his role at the upcoming “Logan” will be his last take on the role. But also because sadly Jackman doesn’t have Wolverine recovery powers. Something that could be very helpful, especially now. Since Jackman was discovered with cancer, for the sixth time, recently. As he revealed via Instagram telling his fans that he is fighting it with all his might.

Jackman has had a cancer condition for a couple of years, and it keeps recurring. He has been treated 5 times before for the same condition. Since he has basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer that is caused due to the excessive exposure to sunlight. Although it’s not fatal it can lead to disfigurement if it’s not treated. Jackman’s last battle with it was in 2013. We really hope the best for our favorite X-Men, and we are sure his recovery powers will help him out once again.

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