Lorde Came Back To The Stages With The Most Amazing Coachella Performance

We Also Have A Brand New Song You Guys!

On Sunday night, Kiwi singer Lorde performed at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, rocking the stage with songs from her upcoming album Melodrama, a performance that makes it pretty clear: the acclaimed singer is officially back.

According to Billboard, the set opened with “Green Light”, the lead single off the album. She later performed “Liability”, released on March 10 as Melodrama’s first promotional single, and debuted a new song called “Homemade Dynamite”. She also performed the new song “Sober”, which she introduced during a surprise gig she gave on Friday night, followed by what seemed to be an interlude and the title song.

The singer exposed her new sound at Coachella

Lorde’s new album, Melodrama, is due June 16, but we cannot wait any longer, especially after the preview the singer has given us with her new songs. For the album, which she has described as “the ups and downs of being a twentysomething”, she seems to have been inspired by many different sources, including Kanye West. During her Coachella performance, just before performing “Liability”, she gave a mind-blowing introduction to the song, sharing how its chord progression reminded her of West’s “Runaway”, and then she briefly sang the chorus.

“Homemade Dynamite” appears to be one of her most deep-sound performances, with a pretty heavy beat, and clear intentions of “blowing sh*t up”. Apparently, she wrote the song about a year ago, since she asked fans to give the new song “the biggest f*cking birthday”.


On the other side, “Sober” is an upbeat song with some electronic features that may remind you of her classic Pure Heroin sound, with a chilling interlude that works perfectly as an introduction to what seemed to be “Melodrama”, the song that gives the title to the album, a violin-lead, slower tempo song.

During her performance, she also played iconic songs such as “Tennis Court”, “Buzzcut Season”, teenage hymn “Royals”, and a cover of her collaboration with electronic duo Disclosure, “Magnets”.

Coachella Weekend marks the return of the singer to the stage after three years of absence

Just two days before her headline performance at Coachella Festival, Lorde announced a surprise concert. During Friday evening, the singer shared on her Twitter account that she would be performing in southern California at Pappy & Harriet’s, a legendary venue in Pioneertown, CA, which offers capacity for less than 300 people.

The tickets were priced at $20 to celebrate her being 20 years old –yes, 20, what were you doing back then? The show was sold out immediately. The set included the “Sober” debut and the speculated “Melodrama”, among other songs of Melodrama such as “Green Light” and “Liability”.



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