In Case You’ve Wondered, This Is How Devendra Banhart’s House Looks Like

He’s So Eccentric And Artsy I Love Him So Much

The American-Venezuelan singer-songwriter Devendra Banhart recently invited director Barbara Anastacio on a tour of his home in Echo Park, Los Angeles, for the latest episode of the Nowness series ‘My Place.’

The eccentric musician, besides explaining that he has been throwing up a lot because of food poisoning, he shows on camera many different rooms of his house, his peculiar art collection, and even his bathroom, which is decorated with messy spray-paint doodles and tags all over the walls, and a subtle toilet cushion. He also shared his routine for his days off: gentle music and dancing on a table, “just going nuts.”

He decided to get his own place after years of touring, renting and moving in and out of different houses. His inspiration for the decoration is “a combination of Japanese library, Venezuelan country house, and 80s Italian palace.”

When Banhart gets home after a tour, he just cries

Sitting on a sofa, with his wood-furnished living room in the background, Banhart confesses that he cannot help but cry everytime he gets home after tours. “I mean, really, I get on my knees and cry. I cannot believe I’m home. I open up those doors and sit for a moment… And cry.”

He then shows a poster of a young Hillary Clinton designed by his friend Claire Hungerford he hung above his fridge, and explains how disappointed and astonished he was over the fact that she didn’t win the elections.

Image Credit: Notey

After showing his typewriter, he took the crew over to his painting studio, where he displays, basically “puss**s and d**ks.”

About his home, he says “I haven’t figured out how to make it a place that feels inviting and cozy, I think, to have even people over. Even though my idea of a good party, no one’s home. I mean, I’m not even there. Like, if I’m not here, and there’s no one here, it’s a pretty good party.”

Devendra Banhart released his 9th album, ‘Ape in Pink Marble’ on September last year. He performed on the second weekend of Coachella festival and is heading to Japan to perform in May and to Europe to tour in June and July.

‘My Place’ is an interesting segment that allows getting an intimate view of different celebrities

Nowness is a website dedicated to promote a luxury lifestyle, focusing on art, fashion, travel, culture, design, film, music, and gastronomy. The website created the segment ‘My Place’ to visit the homes of different celebrities and personalities, allowing viewers to get a deeper and more intimate view of their lifestyle.

Image Credit: My Place: Tavi Gevinson / YouTube

The segment has already visited many homes from different musicians, designers, painters, architects, and photographers.

Personalities include singer Florence Welch, Rookie Magazine editor Tavi Gevinson, model Adwoa Aboah, photographer Tom Bianchi, among others,


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