Coachella 2018: All You Need To Know And More

From Chic To Orange County

Coachella is what all music lovers were waiting for. Within the second day of the Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival we could see all the fans waiting for this event, among them we saw enthusiasts who camped to see Queen B’s presentation. We are certain it was worth the wait because it was A M A Z I N G.

Nile Rodgers and Chic made the main stage a party. Everyone could enjoy this incredible presentation under the sun being the first act of the day (Wizkid were the ones who would open the concert but had to cancel at the last minute because they could not enter the country).

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Scandal in Australia

Rodgers shared an anecdote with all the fans who were enjoying his music. A few days ago they were in Australia and during his stay, a “journalist” called Chic the best cover band of all time. Rodgers clarified that those songs that the band played (including Davis Bowie, Duran Duran and more) are all his songs.

With that, he concluded with a message that we took as one of Coachella’s commandments “We want you to just dance, party and have a good time because that’s what we stand for.”

A show to remember, among all those successes and including the newest in collaboration with “Get Lucky” what else can we ask for? Oh yes, that’s just the beginning of an amazing weekend.

To continue with the party, nothing but Chloe x Halle impressed the audience with cuts from her new album “The Kids Are Alright”. Queen B was the one who could discover these rough diamonds. Being a great duo since Halle plays the guitar and Chloe plays the keyboard.

They also presented their second song “Galaxy” and explained that the melody is to send that negative energy back to the ether. A great way to highlight the name of the song.

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In other aspects that stood out (like everything) in this show were:


OMG (one of my favorite bands) said present at this festival. This band of independent rockers from Orange County rose in Coachella. They climbed the tower next to one of the video screens on the outdoor theater stage during the afternoon set.

“This has been beyond my wildest expectations.This has been incredible, “said Landon Jacobs, the lead singer of this incredible band.

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