Robert De Niro Shows Up As Mueller On SNL And It’s Epic

Robert De Niro Recreated Scenes Of Meet The Parents With Ben Stiller

Actors Robert de Niro and Ben Stiller were present this week on SNL. They were able to demonstrate their acting skills once more by playing special advisor Robert Mueller (De Niro) and Trump’s lawyer, Cohen ( Stiller). A great satire.

The two stars of “Meet the Parents” recreated the iconic scene of the lie detector of the film, with Mueller interrogating Cohen about his work for the president of the USA. They also called back to the question of whether you can order a cat. Cohen accused Mueller and his team of bias. What Mueller denied when saying that they use key names for the president and his family in order to avoid that emotion comes into play.

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Searching for secret names

At the beginning Trump’s codename was “the little b-h” of Putin, but now it is “the little b-h” of Stormy. The code name for Ivanka is “girlfriend” while Erik and Donald Jr are “Two Fredos.” Cohen is now known as “Dead Man Walking.”

Presenter John Mulaney, the former writer on the show, wrote at the time Patrick Stewart hosted the show. Mulaney was particularly fond of how the star of “Star Strek: The Next Generation” announced the guest who would cheer up the night with his music, Salt -N- Pepa. Mulaney also kept the audience working when he found out how much time we spent wondering whether or not we were a robot.

The NBC sketches also remade the popular Netflix documentary series “Wild Wild Country.” In this, we could see Kenan Thompson play a cult member who only got involved with women.

“There was ass everywhere,” he says with hysteria. The character of Thompson also says that he enjoyed the smell that occurs in the city for all sex. “It smelled like karate class for monkeys,” he says.

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Including Netflix documentals

In this week’s “weekend update,” McKinnon also entered the role of the harassed Fox News anchor, Laura Ingraham. “It’s so good to be back after the planned vacation,” Ingraham said. “It was very fun and so planned and programmed a long time ago.” Ingraham also touted its remaining sponsors in light of the recent wave of advertiser outings, including “Carl’s Sr., Carl’s Jr. food ground to mush for seniors.”

Another SNL that makes millions of people laugh. This show is one of the most watched in the US, with the incredible guests who present every week, how would it not be?


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