Lady Gaga’s Isolated ‘SNL’ Vocals Will Leave You Speechless

She Can Definitely Out-Sing Anyone and Everyone

If there’s something Lady Gaga never loses, is her ability to blow our mind. Whether it’s because of her eccentric clothing, her impressive shows or her incredible vocal skills, she keeps blowing our mind on and on. As if reinvention was her middle, she now brings us a new studio album that shows a different side of Gaga.

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Joanne is not only the name of this new album but also Gaga’s middle name, and her late aunt’s name. So, if you think that “Joanne” is very personal, you’re right. Gaga has said about this album that is a personal expression of herself, where we can hear pop, rock, folk, jazz, and country.

Gaga was on SNL last Saturday as part of the promotion of “Joanne”, with a cowgirl look, that’s been her signature of the promotion, Gaga performed two songs: “A-YO”, that’s an invitation to celebrate the American greatness; and “Million reasons” a ballad. And her vocal skills are mesmerizing! Check it!




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