LCD Soundsystem Perform Two Brand New Songs On SNL [VIDEO]

The New Album Is Expected To Be Released Soon

We told you before that this May would be awesome. Not only for the incredible amount of movies that will premiere. But due to the fact that SNL was going to take it to another level. Including awesome celebrities as host and incredible musicians. The first weekend of the month, the one just has passed, counted with Chris Pine and LCD Soundsystem. Which left us not only amazing sketches and an incredibly funny Saturday night. But it also left us with new music. Finally, we heard something new from LCD Soundsystem since 2010.

The group has been recently reunited, creating a lot of excitement and hype, and has an upcoming album, whose title is still to be announced. The band has been revealing some of their new tracks in some of the gigs they’ve been playing in New York City. But they took the stage of SNL and played two of them, obviously making the fans go crazy. Besides being able to transform the original length of the songs into TV time, but without losing its feeling.

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Debuting stars

As every other SNL episode, they delivered some hilarious segments and sketches. Making fun of well… everything. Despite that, the first episode of May lacked the Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump impression, something that has turned into a regular lately, but the band’s keyboardist Nancy Whang got the evening’s best Trump hit. As she had a “Bad Hombres” shirt featuring President Trump and Vladimir Putin.

This was Pine’s first time as a host in the show, and due to the quality of the sketches and episode probably there will be more upcoming appearances. Also, Pine took a hit at his Star Trek persona. Making fun of the original cast and show, while also doing a Kirk-ception. More specifically playing and parodying his inner William Shatner, playing Kirk. He also did a sketch making fun of reality TV shows and the awkwardness of couple games night.
All though Pine didn’t stop dancing and singing, as it was practically something he did the whole night. As he also made fun of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” with a “greaser” tone. Since Pine’s character on the sketch, that takes place in a car mechanics, admits his love for the show, then challenging Bobby Moynihan to a lip sync and dance contest. Despite they’re not so gracious “queens” the segment is pretty funny. While also appearing as the star of a Slavic dark peace-making rap video and singing on a “cotton candy party” that was caught by the police.

But Chris wasn’t the only one debuting and dancing through the night. Since the musical guests were LCD Soundsystem, as they landed their first ever presentation on the show. The reunited band played on the show with their typical literate, danceable and weird songs. With a rawer, more powerful and more passionate presentation than the average SNL musical guest on this season. The band stole the show, despite being stuck in a small area for their first number.

More LCD and new Soundsystem

The band played two of their latest songs, “American Dream” and “Call The Police”. But both songs had to be readjusted, since their studio versions of both above the six-minute long. Despite the time cut LCD Soundsystem still performed magically, delivering all the hype and emotion they usually do with the songs. The songs are two of the four new songs they recently debuted at New York’s new Brooklyn Steel venue. Along with “Emotional Haircut” and “Tonight”.

Both of their new songs have debuted on BBC Radio and Beats 1 last week, with a lot o positive feedback. According to LCD’s frontman James Murphy, there is still no release date for the upcoming album. Who will be it’s first after 2010’s “This Is Happening“. Since there are still some details to be done. But he wrote on Facebook that the album is “seriously almost done”. As Murphy revealed that there are “one more vocal and two more mixes to go”. Then they will go as fast as they can to through the mastering process, which has being done by  Bob Weston. Who will be going on tour with Shellac soon, so Murphy expects to be done before then.

As he explained through Facebook to keep the fans updated on the process of the album. “So it will go like this: finish the last mix > get Bob to master > get masters to pressing plant > plant takes X amount of time > records get to distro so that they can go to stores > record released. However long that takes =  the record will be out”.

‘It’s been one of the most enjoyable records to make in my life’

Despite that minor setback and work to be done, Murphy is actually really happy and proud of what is already finished. “It’s been one of the most enjoyable records to make in my life, if not the most fun ever (I think it is, for sure, the happiest I’ve ever been making a record). So it will be sad in some ways to see it leave the house etc.” He also added that there is an upcoming vinyl. “I insist that there is vinyl on the day it’s released (because … well … because I’m an old person),” Murphy said.

LCD Soundsystem will be taking Frank Ocean’s place as headlining spot at Sasquatch! Festival later on this month. Also, they will headline Pitchfork Music Festival 2017. Along with A Tribe Called Quest and Solange. The festival takes place in Chicago’s Union Park from July 14–16.


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