SNL Parody of the Trump Ladies Is A Must Watch! [VIDEO]

If You Though Beyonce’s Lemonade Was A Hit, Wait Until You Hear Melanianade

SNL has a strong game of musical parodies, but I think this one involving the Trump ladies is the best one so far.

Saturday Night Live’s 42nd season is running, and they are only proving what we already know, that they’re nothing but a successful crew that somehow comes up with the best ideas; turning a regular everyday event into a satirical but oh-so-hilarious act.

This time, the cast totally outdid themselves with “Melanianade.” Sounds familiar? Well yeah, it’s ’cause they are doing a Trump-bash inspired in Queen B’s song “Sorry” from her Lemonade album.  Alec Baldwin, of course, appears on the clip portraying the Republican candidate.


Image Credit: Esquire

The clip includes Donald’s wife, daughters, other associates that aren’t afraid to give their version to this surreal elections and especially to mock Donald’s ridiculous hairdo by calling him “the guy with the weird hair.” You see what they did there? Sorry, we ain’t sorry.

So, take a look at this fun video and tell us if you think this will be the next hit?


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