Family Guy Mocks Infamous Trump Tape And Nails It

Take A Ride With Peter, Trump and Bush

Presidential elections are giving us a lot to talk about recently, and not for a good reason. Everyone’s mocking presidential candidates, and how couldn’t they? I mean the debates are awful, their campaigns are as well, but Trump’s audio with Billy Bush on the bus was the drop that spilled the glass. It is so offensive and so wrong in so many ways even Family Guy had to make a parody of it.


The long-running animated sitcom created by Seth McFarlane is known for making people spill tears of laughter. The audio has gone viral and they couldn’t stay behind. So they did it and they did it big time.
On Sunday night’s episode [EP3 S15]  Peter Griffin was part of the conversation between Trump and Bush. It included an Access Hollywood bus. Peter stays very active on the conversation, trying to fix what Trump’s saying but the candidate keeps making it worse. Griffin also gives a couple of ideas of successful running business like Twitter and Uber and makes fun of Donald Trump’s “tiny hands”.

Seth posted the video of the audio on his Twitter and just as the original, this one has gone viral. Take a look below



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