LucasFilm And Disney Released A Carrie Fisher Tribute And It’ll Give You The Feels

You’ll Probably End Up Sobbing

Last year was a really hard. Death was on a roll and decided to take many of our favorite celebrities. Carrie Fisher, along with her mother Debby Raynolds were one of them. Something that we all grieve dearly, as she passed away on December 27th.

Not only because both actresses were part of Hollywood’s royalty. But because they also inspired many generations and especially many women around the world. Especially Carrie with her charisma, unique sense of humor with her role as Leia. As she took the distress of the damsel on it, becoming the first badass woman we saw on the silver screen.

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Tributing Princess Carrie

This weekend a Star Wars Celebration convention, honoring their 40-years anniversary, will be taking place at Orlando, FL. Treating the fans of the galaxy far, far away saga with tons of extravaganzas and features for them to enjoy for four days. Since it will include cosplay, screenings, games and major details of the upcoming future of the “Star Wars” franchise.

But this future has a little gap, at least at the heart of many fans, due to the fact that Fisher passed away. But to honor the impressive and iconic work Carrie did portraiting Princess Leia, Lucasfilm and Disney aired a tribute to honor and to remember her. Carrie Fisher, the actress, author and beloved face of an intergalactic rebellion, passed away on Dec. 27.

The tribute showed a five-minute video of never seen before footage of Carrie playing one of her most iconic roles as an intergalactic rebellion leader. Featuring behind-the-scenes footage from her days as Princess Leia, interviews and memories shared by co-stars, co-workers and many who loved her and had a chance to know her. Obviously, the video is highly emotional hitting many right in the feels.

Maybe being the most touching part director of the clip when “The Last Jedi’s,” director Rian Johnson is seen leading Fisher on the set of the upcoming episode. Also, the fans attending to the 40-years-anniversary Star Wars Celebration will receive an exclusive Fisher remembrance poster. That, by the way, the world spins has already been put on eBay at a $399.99 price tag.

Fisher forever.

The video not only contains some exclusive footage of Carrie as Leia and some interviews. We see Carrie’s incredible way of being, humor and charisma as she practically makes the tribute to herself. As we see her making fun of everything, from her career to colleagues. Making us really miss her dearly.

Being some of the most humorous highlights when Carrie’s bulldog, Gary, falls asleep while they’re on an interview because he was too bored. Or when she screams to George Lucas that she hopes she had slept with him to get the Leia role, because if not she doesn’t know who she got in bed with.

Along with that we have some epic moments and display of her abilities. As she quotes perfectly the whole message “asking for help” to Obi-Wan Kenobi after all these years. Or also, and maybe the most fundamental one, how many women reflect of how a key was Leia’s image for them growing up, inspiring them and teaching them to be independent and strong.

carrie fisher tribute
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