Pornhub Will Help Pandas Get Laid With Videos Of You

Yes, Really

Pandas are one of the most popular and adorable animals in the world. Being a synonym of cuteness and fluffiness and one of the mankind’s favorite ones.  But sadly the Giant Panda is one of the species that is close to disappearing.

Even though it has been removed from the extinction list they’re still in danger. Passing to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. This is also due to the fact that pandas are lazy, making their reproductivity very hard.

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Making a million… pandas.

Even though that their population has grown enough to pass from that to a “better” level of endangerment pandas are not really good at popping up their population numbers. This, as said before, is due to their laziness. Really, that how powerful being a potato couch can be.

Since male pandas spend most of their time sleeping and eating and the female ones are only horny for a couple of days during the whole year. So this obviously makes very hard for them to reproduce. But the solution to help them breed has been found by scientist and approved for many teenagers. It’s porn, and Pornhub has decided to help pandas out.

Panda porn.

Yes, you heard it right there’s panda porn, and it’s approved by science. As this “genre” of porn helps the fluffy furry guys to get the mood on and help them reproduce. The only problem with it is its quality. As there is not enough good quality footage for the pandas to get it on.

There is where Pornhub, and hopefully you, get in. As the online site, doing what they know best, wants you to create and tape you own panda-inspired porn and then upload it to their site. Since all this footage will help create a huge database that will help the pandas get horny, along with anyone who is really really into pandas.

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The benefits of panda style.

Along with that Pornhub will donate $100 to panda preservation organizations for every “Panda Style” video uploaded and a cent per view during April 16th, National Panda Day. So you now have plans for that day too.

If you’re not so that into the freaky Panda stuff but still want to help, don’t worry. Once again Pornhub has the solution. Since they’ve left some Panda Porn examples for you at their site. This means you can use a full Panda outfit or simply body paint, it’s up to you. So everybody wins with this creative and kinky initiative.

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