Warner Brothers Is Actually Considering A Matrix Remake

I’m Scared About This.. I Mean Can’t They Just Leave Good Things As They Are

Warner Bros. is reportedly working on a reboot of The Matrix and people are not too excited about it. Word says neither the cast nor the creators are in for the project.Fans of the legendary movie are speaking their minds and it doesn’t look good for the upcoming project. After all, the matrix is not that old at all and it’s quite a classic,

Reboot coming up…

Warner Bros is allegedly planning a reboot of the classic sci-fi movie The Matrix. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner is seeking to update the movie creating spin-offs just like Disney did with Star Wars.

The Matrix trilogy presented a world where everyone lives in a simulated reality in a computer program. The movies were a total hit, making Keanu Reeves one of the richest Hollywood actors. The Matrix starred Keanu Reeves, as Neo, Carrie-Ann Moss as Trinity, ad Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus and quickly became a cult movie.


Mixed feelings about it.

The thing is that the original cast is not appearing in the project, and also the original writers and directors, the Wachowski sisters, are not being part of the project either. Instead, screenwriter Zak Penn, from The Avengers, is in talks with the studio to take the direction and writing. Reportedly, Michael B. Jordan is also in talks to star in the project.

Coincidentally, Keanu Reeves recently said he would return for another installment if the Wachowski sisters were also in, he said, “They would have to write it and direct it. And then we’d see what the story is, but yeah, I dunno, that’d be weird, but why not?”

Bless your eyes with this beautiful pic of the original cast in a mini-reunion during the John Wick 2 premiere.

People’s reaction.

Being such a hit and with a large number of fans, the new installment of the franchise generated a lot of speculation on social media, and most of it was not good.

Seems like a bad idea.

Source: Mashable



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