This Artist Is Replacing Billboards With Pictures Of The Landscapes They’re Blocking

Desert X Festival Will Be Amazing

Art has always been mankind’s favorite and most popular way of expression since the beginning. As it has been a reflection of our reality, our angsts and what we desire.  Also, it has the ability to reinvent itself. Showing new realities and the same old ones in different ways. Since mankind and history are always evolving, and for so having new things to express.

But sometimes there are aspects of reality we take for granted, especially in these modern times. Especially with something like nature. That is why the Desert X outdoor art festival focuses on encouraging the reconnection with nature.

Image Credit: Jennifer Bolande

Coachella the place for art. 

The Coachella Valley is hosting the Desert X festival. Being that the main reason why the valley is experiencing many changes in its landscape. As it is filled with people from everywhere, the artist and their amazing creations.

But one of the guest artists did something to change the Coachella Valley as well, in a very noticeable and intelligent way. The artist is called Jennifer Bolande, who is a visual artist, and her project is called “Visible Distance/ Second Sight.”

Image Credit: Jennifer Bolande

Advertizing nature.

Jennifer Bolande’s ambitious project consist in replacing the billboards ads and images in the Coachella Valley area with photos of the mountainous and landscapes that they’re blocking. The billboards that Bolande has created blend perfectly with their background creating a “vanishing” effect. As they’re designed to be seen from a moving car.

This technique is called “Burma-Shave,” since it was first used by a company with the same name back in the 50’s. The project by Bolande has a really strong message as many times nature is overlooked, but now it’s been promoted. As you take your eyes out of the road to watch the beautiful valley. Achieving the message and purpose of Dessert X festival. Jennifer’s billboards stand along the Gene Autry Trail.

Image Credit: Jennifer Bolande



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