‘Kitten Fur’ Perfume Will Help You Get The Most Of Your Cat’s Love

This Is Not A Joke

There are certain smells that are delicious, as they stick to us through all our life. Or others that are simply so good that everyone loves them. Like fresh coffee, a recently baked cake or bread, lavender, new car or baby, when they’re clean.

That is why things like aromatizers and perfumes exist. To give our lives a fresh and delicious scent. Since this kind of little details can improve a gloomy day and even become a key element to a memory.

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Smells like a kitten spirit.

If the smell of something new or a baby is delightful, imagine how good the scent of a baby kitten must be. Amazing. Well, there’s a perfume company that has developed and bottled up this smell that equals love, tenderness, and cozy feeling.

The perfume was released on Saturday on a Facebook post, and it will be logically called “Kitten Fur.” The odd fragrance perfectly condensates the aroma that is behind a kitten’s neck.

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Smelly cat.

The odd scent was developed by Demeter Fragrance Library, and it’s not the first atypical perfume the company has released. Since they’ve previously bottled up and sold “New Baby,” “Popcorn,” “Giant Sequoia” and “Gin and Tonic” perfumes.

“Kitten Fur,” however is probably one of the strangest one and one of the most complex. Due to the fact that it took the company 15 years to perfectly imitate and develop the fragrance. Bellow we are going to leave you the product chart of “Kitten Fur” so you can get all the purry-ness you need. So you can start smelling a leaving as a cat for the rest of your life.

Image Credit: Demeter Fragance Library
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