What The Internet Is Doing To “Bee Movie” Is Totally Hilarious

The internet is one of the weirdest places on earth, and it’s awesome for it. Giving total freedom to everyone and seeing the results (mainly on youtube) you will guess why rules exist. If not look for a channel called “toys of japan” you will see then.

In the hindsight of the weird productions of the internet, there is the humor and tergiversation of pretty much everything. Why? you might think that for the laughs, or views but mainly is just for the sake of it. Now we have the might force of youtube focused entirely on destroying Bee Movie. That is not that hard to make fun of, it’s a movie where a bee want’s to sue mankind for stealing their honey. Oh and the chick falls in love with the bee, just because. But we must applaud the effort and time that some people are taking to do this parodies. So by now you’ve probably seen the infinite memes of one of the most pointless movies of all time, so we are bringing you some of our favorites. Just going to leave this here.


We are gonna start with the movie.

Only that it speeds up every time they say “bee”. Leaving you with 7 minutes of a senseless movie and su-bee-minal messages. Sorry, had to make the lame joke.

Besides anyone else thinks that the relationship bee-girls is messed up?

How the producers thought this would be a good idea. Just imagine the implications, without getting weird, how will they really kiss? She would drown him, he would sting her. Many problems, aside the entire movie itself.

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And we are sorry for watching this too.

To ease the pain here you’ve a video that takes out all the annoying “bee” naming and featuring. Leaving you with 12 minutes of random footage, but that doesn’t make you wanna kill yourself.

But just for the sake of contradiction…

we are gonna add a video where it loops the word “bee”, it gets repeated based on how many times they’ve already said “bee”. It’s horrible, enjoy.

Since this is one of Jerry Seinfeld’s wort moves in his career…

it was just a matter of time that the Seinfeld topic would be used. So here is a clip in where Seinfeld theme song is played overlapping itself every time they say “bee”. Hope you’re a fan of the TV show.

Nobody thought someone would make “bees” a hate object around people.

We bet this post is how many of you felt during the movie, which is freaking weird.

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For many the movie was never ending.

Well for the guy who made this video it was and took things to another level. So he played it backwards, and slow it down every time they said “bee”. No wonder why the hate.

Not getting to your brain?

Well here we have a flashback of the movie trailer getting more and more distorted, as well as interesting just saying, as they keep saying the god dammed word “bee”

Still not bored of the word yet?

Well we have just what you need to hate the word forever and never wanting to hear it again in your life. Here is a whole minute of “I am beeeeeee”. Just for the sake of it, and being annoying.

You know what is the worst part of the whole movie?

That this poor guy, not only lost his girlfriend to a bee, was the only sane person in the whole picture.

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So yeah, this shows you anything can be a movie nowdays. And actually make money out of it.




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