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The Family Behind The Viral BBC Video Speaks Out After Going Viral

The Best Part Of The Whole Video Is The Mom’s Entrance

The power of mass media has been proven over the years. To the point that it’s already something incorporated in our mindset. Since the invention of  radio, TV, and more recently internet with its social media. The power of this mass media to change people’s minds and inform has been noticed and taken into consideration.

Due to the fact that really the pen is more powerful than the sword. Turning information our first and most fundamental crave. As the information revolution evolved things started getting viral, and then into jokes. That is what happened to Profesor Robert Kelly not long ago, and in a way, we are really happy that it had happened.

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Blooper Interview.

A few nights ago Professor Robert Kelly, a very respected professor of international relations in the Political Science and Diplomacy Department of Pusan National University, was giving an interview with the BBC. Since he was talking about the impeachment of South Korean president Park Guen-hye.

When, in the middle of the interview, his daughter Marion, and his son James, nine-months-old, came in to sabotage in an adorable way the interview. Only to watch seconds later their mom panicking and taking them out of the interview. The whole thing became a viral sensation all over the internet, as probably everybody knows.

The Kelly family.

After the lovely video became viral many wanted to know what happened after the blooper interview. So BBC decided to start the redemption process for Professor Kelly and his adorable family. Doing an interview in the same spot, but this time the kids and mom were meant to appear on it.

In the interview, both parents explain how the whole thing happened. As the same Professor admits to being struggling to hold his laugh and that it was his fault for not closing the door. Something that his wife Kim Jung-A also points out, while laughing about her own panic reaction.

Fully redeemed.

In the whole interview, the video below, Kelly admits that he has been doing television interviews for a while and that this had never happened before. As he has been called to appear on other important networks as CNN, as well as CNBC, Sky News, and ITN. The couple also admitted that they were afraid that BBC will never call them again after the incident.

On the other hand, Kelly also stated that his wife wasn’t too hard with the kids after they burst in. Since they’re just kids and that is what they do. Also that they turn off every device and notification setting they had and that they aren’t going near any social network anytime soon.



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