‘House of Cards’ Is Back For Season 5 And We Are Freaking Out

Oh Lord, Help Me So I Don’t Binge Watch The Whole Thing

It’s back! Tuesday marks the return of House of Cards for a whole new season. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright reprised their roles and come packed with more political drama.

Frank and Claire are back for more

After 13 months of waiting, House of Cards comes back for a fifth season. Taking it right the story right where we left it, these new episodes are bound to get even darker and more exhilarating.


With the election just weeks away, Frank and Claire are dealing with the fear factor in the aim to remain in power. The duo presents themselves as America’s parents who have their children’s best interest in mind.

The Washington Herald’s story on Frank’s crimes seems to be losing traction.While Claire faces the story’s accusations head-on, even appearing on television.When it comes to their relationship, the pair continues on experiencing their open marriage.

Frank’s declaration of war against ICO backfires. Opening the Underwoods up to the scrutiny of a congressional investigation.

The show

House of Cards is a remake of the 1990 BBC show, by the same name. Based on a novel by Michael Dobbs. The BBC show earned a BAFTA award, for Ian Richardson’s portrayal of Francis Urquhart, a.k.a Frank Underwood.

The American version has received a total of 33 Emmy nominations. Including Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actor and Outstanding Lead Actress in its first four seasons. And both Spacey and Wright have won Golden Globes for their efforts.

The show at some point was like an alternative reality to the Barack Obama administration. But now is getting back on track and getting to its own path.However, you can still expect to see some familiar situations to 2017 America. But get ready to enjoy the old swagger that made the series a success in its first seasons.

Kevin Spacey hasn’t been shy about what’s to come in the political drama. He said that the new episodes are “scarier than we’ve ever been before”, noting similarities between the Underwood’s campaign and Trump’s America.

What’s interesting is that there are people who watch the show and even that, as an example, last year and thought, ‘that’s crazy, that could never happen’,” Spacey told Seth Meyers.“And then suddenly 18 months later it’s like, ‘oh, wait for a second, that actually could happen’, or it is happening.”

Everyone loves the show, its a fact. Even former President’s, Barack Obama official photographer, Pete Souza, has the House of Cards fever and shared a series of pics with Frank.

The people's president.

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