Seth Meyers Talks Trump’s Victory On His Late Night Show [VIDEO]

Eventhough Trump Wasn’t Seth’s Candidate, He Wished Him The Best.

 Donald Trump won the presidential election, and the entire world is flipping out. There are even some that have taken their reactions to the limit by calling it an apocalyptic symbol.

The electoral results were a surprise to many people, DUE to the polemic that surrounds the candidate and his campaign. Many voters have expressed how concern they feel about their country’s situation.

In this occasion comedian, Seth Meyer took the opportunity to talk about it on his Late Show broadcasted in NBC. Meyers discussed some of the Republican Candidate’s electoral promises, in a humorous and ironic way.

Check out Seth’s statements

In the show, Seth addressed some of the most controversial points of Trump’s campaign, like immigration and minorities. Using his Italian dog as an example of the concern immigrants have now that Tump is president. Meyers asked for comprehension and compassion from Trump’s supporters towards these groups.

Talking honestly

He congratulated the new president-elect, voters, and Putin, for winning the election against all the odds. As he explained that at the beginnings it all felt like a joke to him.

However, Seth expressed the deception he felt when he learned that Hilary had lost the election. Since he was really looking forward to having the first woman president in North America’s history.

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He gave hope

On hindsight, he said that even though Hillary will not be the first female President, someone’s daughter out there will be and encourage her to work hard and achieve all she needs to get it. He expressed his desires to see that happen.

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Hey, Trump! This offer is still pending

The talk show host remembered Trump that NBC’ is offering a show in the network, in wich, he will act as a fictional president that dropped out the race. The offer is still on.

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