Watch This Shocking Video: A Day In A Trump-Ruled Country

It Really Makes You Think



USA presidential elections are less than a week away. With the charts pretty close, a video that shows how life would be if Trump wins the elections has been made. Branded by BuzzFeed and created by Emily’s List, a political action committee that supports democratic women, including Hillary Clinton, this video was made to reach millions of female millennial voters.

In the video, the characters speak using terms and phrases the candidate has said during his career. They also copy his actions. It’s filled of racism and attitudes that denigrate women. “Just hearing the offensive, misogynistic things Donald Trump says about women is disgusting, but imagining a world where he is president is downright terrifying,” explained the spokesperson for Emily’s List,  Rachel Thomas.

The video starts with a boy asking his dad for advice on how to talk to the girl he likes, which he responds with Trump’s words.


“You can start kissing her… you can get in there when you start like this guy you can do whatever you want, they let you do anything… then you grab them by the p” And the title comes in. All of this referring to the scandal of the audio that showed Trump’s and Billy Bush’s voice talking about women.

Then a woman enters a coffee place with racist signs


She asks for a cup of coffee, and she’s offered three sizes: Tremendous, Huge and Loser (for a small cup). All of these are terms used by Donald.

The woman, who’s the protagonist of the video walks beside two police officers asking an Afro-American man for his papers


The man claims to have left his papers at work. They look at the woman and say “Make America great again” to what she responds the same.

At work, the woman receives a “compliment” from a coworker, offensive, of course, said by Trump


Trump appeared on Howard Stern’s show in 2004 and, in a conversation about sex and marriage said the exact same words the guy tells her. After she tells her boss, he decides to believe the guy that claimed to never have said it, a typical action the candidate likes to play.

The TV shows the renovation of the White House with Trump’s name on it.


The woman starts to fill an application for Trumpcare. They use a reference to a remark Trump made about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly last year.

The video ends with the actors giving horrendous statements and the girl getting arrested by the police.


All of them are actual Trump quotes from 2004 to 2016.

To watch the full video click here:


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