Steve Irwin’s 13-Year Old Son Is Basically A Mini-Steve And It Brought Us Back So Many Memories

You Might Cry

Late Steven Irwin’s son, Robert Irwin, appeared on The Tonight Show and our hearts melted. The thirteen-year-old proved he’s exactly like his with his wildlife enthusiasm. This is just too much to handle.

During his first solo appearance on the Tonight Show on Thursday, the Australian boy helped Jimmy overcome his fear by introducing some of his favorite animals to the host.


Robert and Jimmy cuddle a sloth.

The Australian teen showed Jimmy some animals including a dwarf crocodile, a red-tail boa and Internet’s favorite mammal, sloths! Jimmy’s faces were priceless while dealing with the animals and people are loving it with over 4 million views.

Like father, like son.

On Thursday Robert Irwin, son of the beloved Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, dropped by The Tonight Show to show Jimmy some of his favorite animals. Wearing the distinctly Irwin khaki outfit Robert was more than thrilled to show Fallon a number of animals.

After showing a picture of Robert and his father with an iguana and watching the teen enthusiasm towards wildlife, Jimmy couldn’t help but notice his resemblance wth Steve. To which Robert responded, “My Dad was actually on the Tonight Show, quite a while ago, so it’s really nice to be able to follow in his footsteps.” And out hearts melted.

Image Credit: Youtube
Image Credit: Youtube

Cutest naturalist ever.

The 13-year-old naturalist then showed Jimmy a selection of his favorite animals which included a dwarf crocodile Beetlejuice, an armadillo Mickey, a red-tailed boa Lady, and sloth Valentino.

Robert appeared on the show as part of the promotion of the upcoming Steve Irwin Gala Dinner on May 13. The gala is an annual event that celebrates the life and legacy of Steve Irwin, and also raises money in aid of conservation charities.

Image Credit: Youtube
Image Credit: Youtube

Aussie icon.

Steve Irwin sadly passed away in 2006 after being injured by a stingray barb while he was filming a documentary on the Great Barrier Rief. The Aussie icon was deeply loved and fondly remember.

Last year over 20k Australians signed a petition asking Steve Irwin’s face to feature on the country currency. Clearly, Robert inherited his enthusiasm and charm. We are sure he made his dad extremely proud.

Image Credit: Youtube
Image Credit: Youtube

Stealing our hearts away.

After the show, Robert posted a picture of his appearance on the show and one of his dad’s appearance on the show. His father made several appearances on The Tonight Show when it was hosted by Jay Leno.

 People’s heart melted after his cute appearance on The Tonight Show.

Including his sister.

Source: Mashable


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