A List: The 12 Best Contemporary Art Museums In The World

Contemporary Art Is Not Easy To Get, But These Museums Make It Easier

One of the most interesting things about tourism is art, isn’t it? In fact, one of the best things about life in general. Especially contemporary art; it’s modern, it’s different, it’s deep, it’s amazing.

One of the first things that crosses my mind when I think of NYC is the MoMa. You’ll never ever get bored.

Honoring that, we want to give you a list of the 12 best contemporary art museums. Don’t worry, life is short but long enough to get to visit all of them.

1. MCA – Chicago.

Image Credits: archpaper.com

2. Mass Moca – North Adams.

mass moca
Image Credits: blog.ohny.org

3. Walker Art Center – Minneapolis.

walker art center
Image Credits: www.walkerart.org

4. The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum – Ridgefield.

Image Credits: fibonaccisusan.com

5. Guggenheim Museum – New York.

Image Credits: obscuradigital.com

6. San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art – SF.

san francisco
Image Credits: www.ihdav.com

7. MOMA – New York.

Image Credits: wirednewyork.com

8. Hirshhorn Museum – Washington DC.

Image Credits: hirshhorn.si.edu

9. Kemper Museum Of Contemporary Art – Kansas.

Image Credits: news.visitkc.com

10. Centre Pompidou – Paris.

Image Credits: news.artnet.com

11. Guggenheim Museum – Bilbao.

Image Credits: www.oddcities.com

12. Serpentine Sackler – London.

Image Credits: www.serpentinegalleries.org


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