Donald Glover Was Casted As Simba On The New Lion King Live-Action

He Is The Dude Of The Moment

People on the internet are losing it over Donald Glover and James Earl Jones being cast for the Lion King live-action. Disney and Jon Favreau announced the huge news on Friday, and we just can’t hide our excitement!

The upcoming Lion King live-action movie is already the best remake ever. Because let’s be honest, this Disney classic is the greatest and if you add bringing back Mufasa’s original voice and super talented Donald Glover you already nailed the movie.


One more joining the slate.

The House of Mouse has brought back some of its classics and they have really delivered. Over the past years, we’ve seen huge comebacks such as Cinderella, Maleficient, Alice In Wonderland, The Jungle Book, and let’s not forget about the long expected The Beauty And The Beast.

We have loved all of them but honestly, we kept wondering when would they bring back the greatest story of all, The Lion King. Well, Disney went full Genie in the bottle and said “Your dreams are my commands,” and graced us with the huge news of a Lion King remake back in September.

Image Credit: Disney
Image Credit: Disney

Giving us something more to hold on to.

We’ve been holding on to this precious news since September without really knowing much about it, but it was okay because at least we knew this was happening. We only knew Jon Favreau is directing and the story is on Jeff Nathanson’s hands.

Now just a month before the premiere of The Beauty And The Beast, Disney graced us with another news keeping us full excited about the project. On Friday Jon Favreau announced Donald Glover in the role of Simba and James Earl Jones as Mufasa.

James Earl Jones voiced the original Mufasa

Back in 1994, so we’re really going down memory lane *tears running down your face.*

People are losing it over the huge news.

I mean Donald Glover is THE dude of the moment, and James Earl Jones is a living legend. This was just too much to process and people on the Internet are really experiencing lots of emotions because THIS IS HAPENNING.

Already singing Hakuna Matata out loud!

100% true!

Trying and failing to stay calm, because this is the dopest news of the year!

Too much to handle.


I have mine already here, and you?

Totally relatable.

Source: BuzzFeed


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