12 Disney Movies Theories That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

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Has anyone noticed that the Disney characters always have something that connects them to each other? Besides, there are many unfinished parts of the films that make us put together more than one theory. Here we will give you new ideas about theories that will blow your mind!

1- Nemo is really dead in the whole movie

WTF? This theory is a bit creepy since it promotes the theory that Nemo died with his mother Coral and the rest of his brothers, and that in the film Marlin’s journey is to deal with this loss and pain, literally five stages of grief. We also have a plus, the name “Nemo” means “nothing” in Latin.

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2- Peter Pan is the angel of death and guides children to heaven, or “Neverland”

That’s why they never get old? Since you can’t grow when you’re dead. The author JM Barrie left the original story in a hospital for children. It was read to kids who had a terminal illness, so they would not fear to die. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

by filmweb

3- Hercules and Ariel are second cousins!

The father of Hercules is the God Zeus whose brother is Poseidon, whose son is Triton who is Ariel’s father. Without a doubt a powerful family!

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4- Too much Wonderland for Alice

The drug references in this Disney installment have always been debated despite the fact that the original author was not a consumer. Besides that, the movie was released in the 50s, which was a time where many people made contact with drugs, which may be true? Someone at some point will know the background of this.

by Disney

5- Captain Hook was the one who killed Ariel’s mother?

The Little Mermaid may be in the same universe and this is seen in a scene of Peter Pan. A mermaid appears very similar to Ariel and could very well be Athena. She was killed by pirates. The two dates of the release of these films can reinforce the theory. The Little Mermaid was launched in 1989 when Ariel was 16 years old. Peter Pan was released in 1953 and the siren that appears in the film would have had 36. Ariel was born in 1973, then perhaps Athena was killed by the clan of Captain Hook.

by YouTube

6-Andy’s mother is the owner of Jesse

Those who saw the second installment of Toy Story may remember the owner of Jesse, named Emily. Is it possible she grew up to be Andy’s mother? When Andy plays with Woody he always has a cowboy hat similar to Jesse’s, he inherited it from his mother. Another curious fact is that the decoration of the childhood room of Emily was the flower the energy of the 60s. Toy Story came out in 1995, which would make Emily have 30 years, the perfect age to have a child of 6 years, interesting!

by Gosocial

7-Anna isn’t Elsa’s real sister, but she is the twin sister of Rapunzel

There are so many things that fit with this theory as the fact that both are left-handed, and have magical powers. Adding to the fact that supposedly Elsa created Anna with the power of love. Besides that, there is no denying the resemblance between these princesses … or sisters.

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8-Aladdin evolves 10,000 in the future, not in the past

When Genie comes out of the bottle he talks about his incarceration 10,000 years ago and then starts to fool around a little about the modern pop culture. What leads us to conspire that he was locked in the present and 10,000 in the future is released. Do you need more evidence? Another curious fact is that in the video game “Aladdin’s companion” there are modern “high” signs buried in the sand.

by Disney

9-Maybe Aladdin didn’t happen at all

Yes, we know that we are focusing a lot on Aladdin, but we have many reasons to do it, first that is in the future and now that it does not exist? This my dear ones, is probably due to the whole story including the song “an ideal world” has been invented by the seller that is presented at the beginning of the film, so he would buy the lamp (pant!). We know, we are also confused, as you seem to make sense.

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10-Carl in the whole movie was dead!

The first scenes of Up are a dose of tender and at the same time crude human reality, we are made tears in the eyes to think the end so raw in the love story of Carl and Ellie, so it does not fit with the main theme the fact that flying houses and talking dogs appear out of nowhere. I’m sorry to make the film sadder, but this may be because one night before they looked for Carl to go to the elder Shady Oaks, he takes his own life and that’s where he begins his true “adventure in the heights” of the beyond.

by Disney

11-Jane of Tarzan descends from Belle

Yes, the beauty of the beauty and the beast. It is said that these two are directly related thanks to their similarity and appreciation of the yellow color, adding that the game of tea that Jane has in Tarzan is very similar, perhaps too much like the one that appears in the beautiful and the beast, the teapot and that is practical Miss. Potts lifeless we can also see in one of the teacups a splinter that looks like Chip … and this theory would fit perfectly with the fact that Jane knows how to communicate with the “wild” guys.

by Geeks media

12-Frozen and The Shinning are the exact same film

We could call frozen a cover of The Shinning, if we could, but as we can’t say it that way, we will say that they have the same theme since, both protagonists are a danger to their families, and after a long isolation in a large building adorned with high ceilings with a cold and desolate environment where volatility is increased to … 100%.

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