Here Are 15 Food Memes To Get You Through The Day

Because There’s No Better Way To Start Your Week

Nothing like putting two favorite things in one place. That’s why we decided to bring you memes and food to start your day. What better combination than this? Although you can’t laugh while you eat, you can die trying. Seriously.

1- Can you spot the difference?

by memesland

2- Nothing better than breakfast, lunch and dinner with your favorite waffles

by memes

3- At least you tried

by Memesland

4- Pizza is always right

by memesland

5- The best love relationship in life has to be with a nugget when has a nugget disappointed you? Never!

by BuzzFeed

6- Sometimes three dishes is not enough

by memesland

7- Who said Morphe and Too Faced? The best palette without a doubt is this

by BuzzFeed

8- Arriving at home and having to cook should feel as empty as that oven

by Memesland

9- This has happened to all of us

by memelord

10- I need a bouquet of those in my life

by wings

11- Pizza is glory in every way

by memesla

12- Shady

by memlord

13- For food, there’s no end

by YouTube

14- That definitely can’t go unnoticed

by Pinterest

15- One of the saddest things for anyone

by memelord

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