This Store Scared The Hell Out Of People With This ‘Ring’ Inspired Prank [VIDEO]

I Would Have Literally Suffered From A Heart Attack Right There

Let’s just admit that this is a great form of advertising the Ring.

Scary movies are the endless and yet masochist habit that we all have. Where we sit down to fright and exposed ourselves to terror. Just because “it’s fun.” Causing many of us to suffer from sleepless nights and paranoid thoughts about any sound or corner at night.

Iconic characters have become part of the pop culture, and our nightmares. Freddy Krueger, Jason, Scream, and logically Samara. This last creature made us all paranoid about something as plain as our TV screens. Due to the origin of movie that counts with that particular Asian spooky factor.

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The terror franchise is back, continuing the thriller saga that has made many wet their beds and pants. But since this story has become a “classic film” in the scary movie’s lines how do you promote it? Due to the fact that everyone knows what the story is about.

So to keep that surprise factor going, a fundamental thing in this kind of films, they’ve created an amazing advertisement method. Going from the simple concept of scaring the hell out of someone.

Beyond 4D.

Just image you’re in a mall trying to get a new TV. When suddenly one of the scariest monsters of all time, Samara, comes out of them. Well, that is what many unaware costumers suffer. As a part of an amazing advertising campaign to promote the new movie of the thriller franchise.

The prank has an incredible set-up. As an “employee” of the store takes the victims to a lonely room full of TVs. The employee does what everyone who works in an electronic store would do, sell the TV by talking about its attributes. When something supernatural happens.

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Preparing the screen.

The guys in charge of pulling the prank really did an amazing job. As they crafted an especial wall to do so. The wall not only was able to display all the TVs that were being “sold” but also had enough space to fit Samara.

Also, the wall haves a motor that allows a TV screen to be placed and then lifted to hide the spooky Samara. Allowing the prankster to attract the unaware victims to the room, without raising any suspicion.

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Rings of hell.

Besides the amazing and creepy idea to promote the movie. One of the best things was the way people reacted. This is not only hilarious but also relatable. Since any of us would react in the same way if we saw Samara in real life.

The story of the new film is set 13 years after the events of the first chapters. The movie will be released on February the 3rd, directed by F. Javier Gutiérrez, the movie has a new cast, including Alex Roe, Matilda Lutz, Johnny Galecki and Aimee Teegarden.

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