Emma Watson And Chord Overstreet Are Probably The New Power Couple

“It’s Crazy, But Yes, They Are Seeing Each Other” According To A Secret Source

Gryffindor’s favorite, 27-year-old Emma Watson, and the Glee actor 29-year-old Chord Overstreet are the rumour to be the new Hollywood power couple. They unleashed the rumors of a romance earlier this week when they were photographed walking while holding hands in a street in Los Angeles. At the moment, we could see Emma’s joy smiling at Chord while he spoke. What more proof than this? No doubt there is love in the air!

“They’ve been dating a little now. It’s still quite new. They met through friends. It May look like a strange couple, but they actually have very similar personalities,” People said, quoting a source.

by The Nation

Who wants these rumors to be true?

Neither of them has commented on the state of their relationship. Which occurs less than a week after they left together at the Vanity Fair Oscars party. Prior to this, they were seen at the Night Sweats concert in Los Angeles

“It’s crazy, but yes, they are seeing each other. Although Emma wants to keep things secret and private,” the source added.

Why this couple could be so goals?

Here we list why this couple has the “ingredient” that is needed for the ideal love recipe.

1- Without a doubt the voices of these two artists are unique. They could compose music together, either by hobby or something else. We could see these skills on screen, Watson in her star of The Beauty and the Beast.

2- The happiness of both is reflected in the captured photographs. look at Emma’s smile, OMG! Such cuties. This undoubtedly is a positive change, since Emma Watson suffered a break 4 months ago with the technological entrepreneur William “Mack” Knight.

3- We could imagine the beautiful love story of this couple because they look so cute together.

Certainly, we could never have foreseen this combination, but it does fit. We hope to see more images of this beautiful couple showing love. At the moment they confirm the rumors, they will be on the top of #couplesgoals of many fans!

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