Equipment That You Will Need If You Want to Open an Eatery in New York

Equipment That You Will Need If You Want to Open an Eatery in New York

New York City is one of the most happening cities in the world.  It is famous for its vibrant lifestyle and diverse demographical spectrum. New York City receives people from all around the US and the world, who come to the city for work, studies and even as tourists. For this reason, the food industry is a thriving and lucrative sector in the city. As a result, most new settlers and entrepreneurs in NYC are tempted to enter the eatery business. When you are in an eatery business and food is your main product, your food preparation equipment becomes a primary cost. Unfortunately, it is also one of those overheads that consume the major chunk of your capital, therefore you should be smart when selecting your kitchen equipment.  If you are confused between the right equipment to invest in, here is what you should start with.


Understandably, no eatery can do without ovens and microwave ovens to cater to its food supply needs. Even if your business does not have a dedicated line of baked recipes on the menu, ovens and microwave ovens serve multiple other purposes. That being said, it must be understood that even if you have a small eatery, you cannot expect a regular household oven to cater to your business needs. Commercial eateries require a higher scale of output with lesser turnaround time and require a dedicated commercial-grade oven. Evaluate the demand forecasts of your business and pick an appropriate oven.

Cold Storage

The utility of cold storage or any other refrigeration units is similar to that of an oven. No eatery can do without this equipment and even the smallest eateries require a commercial-grade refrigerator unit. Commercial refrigerators are different from household ones and have dedicated refrigerators, chillers, and freezers. Eateries with the larger scale of operations might require a dedicated cold storage room and a simple unit may not suffice.

Commercial Ice Makers

Imagine your customer asking you for some extra ice and you have to excuse them because your freezer has run out of the ice cube supplies. That is the biggest problem when you rely solely on freezers and cold storage for your ice supplies. Freezers are unable to produce ice instantaneously and have a limited capacity of ice production in a given time frame.  This is where commercial ice makers kick in. These ice makers are designed to produce a reasonable quantity of ice on demand so that you can ensure an uninterrupted ice supply seamlessly.

Smokers and Grills

If you have a portion of fast food and other quick BBQ meals on the menu, you cannot negate the importance of having smokers and grills on the house. Understandably, having separate unites for smokers and grills can mean extra kitchen space. You can go for a smoker and grill combo equipment and save both time and costs.

Meat Slicers

No matter how experienced your chef is, cutting perfect and even fillets can be a tough nut to crack and a frustrating task. Having a meat slicer at your disposal can make the entire task a breeze. The best part is that these meat slicers do not only work well for cutting meat but can also do an equally good job with cutting vegetables.

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