Top Reactions Of Bella Hadid And The Weeknd Candid Encounter at VS

This Is Every Girls Dream

Bella Hadid walked for the very first time at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday night in Paris. The model rocked the runway among friends like Kendall Jenner and older sister Gigi Hadid who both got their wings this year. But the most exciting part, at least for all of us was that she got to walk in the same place as her ex-boyfriend The Weeknd was performing.

Abel Tesfaye, The Weeknd’s real name was asked to sing second year in a row in the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2016. The musician was performing his tune “Starboy” when Adriana Lima opened the section followed by his ex Bella.

The exes shared an intense look on the runway.

Hadid was stunning in her glittery lingerie when she passed Abel. They both stared at each other for one second and then continued putting the show. Although you can tell he was avoiding eye contact, he couldn’t help to stare at the supermodel.


The couple ended the relationship last month.

Bella and Tesfaye dated for two years, but decided to break up last month due to schedule issues. Hadid said they still share the love for each other and are very close. She even posted a photo on Instagram thanking him.

Take a look at Bella talking about The Weeknd.

She said some very nice words about her ex, she is proud of him.

People at the internet lost it when they stared at each other.

Bella made every girl’s dream of running into your ex looking as hot as possible come true.


Some fans are having trouble at dealing with the split.

It’s shocking, most people didn’t even know they were over.



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