Tonya Harding Is Joining the All-Athlete ‘DWTS’ Cast This Year

A Good Forecast For Athletes On This 26st Season

The artistic skaters Tonya Harding and Adam Rippon, as well as the representative in the Olympic Games in snowboarding Jamie Ardenson, will compete in the mini-edition of four weeks of the ABC dance competition series, will they be so good off the ice?

Us Weekly gave the news of the names that would participate in this TV Show. Fans have had a few theories over the last few months, guessing that Rippon would join the program. Despite the fact that their agenda was busy, due to their dates on the Stars on Ice tour, which begins on April 6th.

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From the ice to the dance floor

The first to stand out was Tonya Harding, according to the report. Although a controversy has been created, because many critics don’t agree with seeing Tonya as a compressive character in the Oscar-nominated film, I, Tonya. We are sure of something, there will be disputes this season! This anger begins when competitor Nancy Kerrigan was attacked before the Olympics and goes back to Tonya and her husband.

They interviewed the ice star, Rippon and they asked him if there was a possibility of doing both jobs last month. Although he joked a bit, he did not deny anything!

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Confessions of Rippon

“I think it would be a great opportunity and it would be very fun” he commented during an interview through Facebook

“It would be really fun. I always wanted to learn to dance, because I was just a solo, like a one-man show”.

“You know, it would be a crazy schedule,” Rippon explained. “Likewise, the dates are happening during the Stars on Ice tour. It would be a lot of travel, and I’ve never danced with a partner. I think [my dance skills] are more like individual skills.”

“Usually, I’m a crazy person, like really extroverted, something like strong, so when I leave, I’ll start dancing a bit. I’ll have a good time and, usually, people think like that.” Oh, he’s crazy,” he continued, mocking his dancing skills.” They’re not wrong, but it usually seems like I’m going to hurt myself. And that’s just! I do not know what kind of insurance [there is]. “

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This new season of all the athletes of Dancing With the Stars can be enjoyed on Monday, April 30th at 8 p.m on ABC. While we wait (anxiously) for this start of the season, we hope that more names of stars that will compete in this show will be revealed. Any theory of who will be this 2018?

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