The New ‘Rough Night’ Trailer Is Definitely The Best One Yet

We Are Dying To See This Film

The ‘Rough Night’ premiere is less than a month away. To heat up expectations about the black comedy film, a new green-band trailer has been released. It may not have the NSFW elements we’ve seen in previous trailers, but don’t let that trick you. Funny and clever, this could be the most effective trailer till date.

Started by Scarlett Johansson as Jess, and joined by Zoë Kravitz as Blair, Jillian Bell as Alice, Ilana Glazer as Frankie, and Kate McKinnon as Pippa, the unbelievable cast portrays a group of old friends that gather after some years to celebrate Jess’ bachelorette party.

The trailer begins with a flashback from the time they were in college, constantly partying as a sorority. Ten years later, Alice and Blair are “loving” mothers, Frankie is an activist with questionable priorities, and Jess is getting married and planning a bachelorette party with her friends. Including the Australian Pippa.

The friends take a break from their regular lives and head to Miami for a weekend to drink, party, and have a good time. The night goes by and things get wild, but turn totally dark when they accidentally kill the male stripper they hired.

Then the plot turns to what they go through the rest of the night while they are trying to decide what to do with the dead stripper.

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The film was included on the 2015 Black List

Originally titled ‘Move That Body,’ the screenplay was done in 2015, with Sony Pictures signed as the distribution company. However, casting began in December, and the screenplay was included in that year’s Black List of unproduced scripts – an annual survey of the most liked screenplays not yet produced.

Directed by Lucia Aniello and scripted by herself and her ‘Broad City’ partner Paul W. Downs – who appears in the movie –, ‘Rough Night’ will be out in the U.S. on June 16 and in the U.K. on August 25.

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Aniello and Downs produced the film alongside Dave Becky and Matt Tolmach. Matthew Hirsch served as the executive producer.Other cast members include Ty Burrell, Colton Haynes, Hasan Minhaj, Demi Moore, Enrique Murciano, Ryan Cooper and Kara Soni.

‘Rough Night’ is the first R-Rated comedy film of the century directed by a woman

Aniello wrote and directed the R-Rated comedy that is aimed mostly at women. This makes her the first female director this century to direct an R-Rated comedy.

The director said that, despite the twisted moments the developed in the film, the story is actually about friendships. She wanted to portray what it is like to encounter high school and college friendships, and see how they have changed with time, realize if they have grown apart, and what is the experience like.

“Hopefully it will have people reflecting on their own lives and their own friendships and relate to friendships that maybe should be worked on,” the director said.

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