‘Flatliners:’ Here’s The First Trailer Of The New Ellen Page Film

A Reboot Of The 90’s Cult Film Is Hitting Theaters In September, With Ellen Page As The Main Character.

Ellen Page is here to show you why you shouldn’t mess around with death, in the first trailer for the upcoming reboot of ‘Flatliners.’


‘Flatliners,’ the 1990 cult-classic, is coming back with a new cast but the same creepy plot. In the story, Ellen Page, Nina Dobrev, James Norton, Diego Luna and Kiersey Clemons play five medical students who start to practice some very questionable experiments about death and the afterlife.

Page, as the leader,  wants to see what happens if your heart stops beating for a minute and then you’re brought back to life. She gathers a team of her classmates to help her with her experiment and succeeds. She calls what she saw “pure energy,” and is feeling better than ever, with some new abilities acquired. The rest of the team gets curious so they begin to experiment on themselves. The side effects are harmless and enjoyable enough.

It’s all fun and games until they get sort of addicted to death. They begin stopping their hearts for one minute but want more and more each time, and the consequences are not pretty. Because of fooling around with death, they have destroyed the wall that divides life and the afterlife. Things get really messed up from there.

Niels Arden Oplev is in charge of the reboot

The Danish director who brought to you ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ – the Swedish, original version, not the one with the goth Rooney Mara – is behind the new ‘Flatliners’ installment. Ben Ripley wrote the screenplay based on a story by Peter Filardi. And, like the 1990 film, it was produced by Michael Douglas, alongside Laurence Mark and Peter Safran.

The original ‘Flatliners,’ directed by Joel Schumacher, starred Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland, William Baldwin, Oliver Platt, and Kevin Bacon. Sutherland will be coming back in the reboot as his original character, Dr. Nelson Wright. Only that he’s a teacher a the faculty where the new ‘Flatliners’ study. And has changed his name in a try to move on from the experiments he and his friends did in the ‘90s and didn’t turn out so well.

Image Credit: Columbia Pictures

The original ‘Flatliners’ didn’t do well at the box office, although it became a Sci-Fi classic over the years. Hopefully, the new installment will do right what the original couldn’t.

‘Flatliners’ will hit theaters on September 29.

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